Wally!!!  He is the newest resident in our home, and according to Bitsy he is actually part of the family.  We found out he was part of the family when she left part way through family prayer, and came back with him.  He didn't want to be left out. 

Wally is a cute little Beta fish, and Bitsy's first pet.  Steve and I aren't big pet people, and moving every few years, doesn't particularly lend itself to being pet people, but Bitsy loves fish, so we figured we'd give it a try.  It's really not that simple, you see, I've been reading the writings of Maria Montessori, and she advocates giving children a small animal to care for, as well as a little garden.  Now gardening, I'm okay with that, in fact I've seen Bitsy tenderly care for the plants in our garden, and I know she loves to plant things and dig in the earth.  So we got her and Manly some plants to take care of, no big deal, but an animal...  That's a horse of a different color.  (Pardon the pun.)  I wasn't sold on the pet business though.  After some discussion Steve and I decided that a fish doesn't cost much to care for, probably won't live long enough for us to have to worry about moving him, and generally wouldn't cause to much trouble.  So now, we're pet people.  :)

Wally has a lovely little purple bowl that is aerating, and based on our first day with him, I would say Dr. Montessori was right, children like to have something to take care of, and they like to be responsible.  Tomorrow Wally will be introduced to his new purple home, but for now he's sleeping soundly in his cup on the bookshelf next to her he doesn't get lonely.

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