So a few weeks ago we went to visit my amazing friend Denice and her family, and while we were there she gave us "The Magic School Bus" volcano book, and after we read it the first time, things seemed to spiral wildly down the "volcano hole".  

First, we made volcanoes out of baking soda and vinegar in the kitchen sink.  Then, I decided to make a wave bottle, like this, but I didn't read the directions very well, and I thought I need a two liter bottle.  Since we don't ever drink soda, I wasn't sure I could justify wasting money on a 2 liter of soda in the name of a few wave.  (I know, I'm cheap.)  Luckily that's when my husband suggested we try this:

 Yup, the old Mentos in a soda explosion.  In case you're wondering, orange soda is not nearly as impressive as Coke, but again, I'm cheap, and it was the least expensive.  Had I known, I would have spent the extra few cents.
 For safety reason, Lettie stayed back with me during all explosive occurrences.  :)  So, with that eruption over, we went on to make our wave bottles, which the kids really enjoyed.

The kids love rolling it around, and if you're looking for inexpensive entertainment this summer, I highly recommend it.

And, lest you think that after all of that we were done learning about the expansion of gas, you're wrong, because we then decided to try this, and microwave a bar of soap.  The results were fascinating to the entire family!

And, just so we wouldn't be wasteful, and because, let's face it, it was fun, we followed the directions here, and made it into bath paint the next night.

The kids had a blast, and so did we, so thanks Denice, for giving our family a summer full of memories!  I hope some of you can use some of our ideas to make memories of your own.  :) 

Mackenzie  – (May 3, 2012 at 11:00 PM)  

Thanks for sharing on Saturday Show and Tell. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun with these projects. Can't wait to see what you have to post this Saturday.

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