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Since we are going to two homeschool conventions this year, and I knew I was going to need ways to keep little ones busy but quiet, I was thrilled when I started seeing Activity bags on other blogs.  I originally saw them at Chasing Cheerios and Counting Coconuts, and I knew I had to make some up.  They will be great for trips to see family, and for moving as well.

These are the bags I took with us to the CHEA convention last week.
 First, lacing blocks and string.  Manly wasn't real excited about these, but I know Bitsy is going to love them this weekend.
 Coloring books for each of them, with matching crayons, so we don't have to fight over a color.
 Blocks, because everyone around here loves to build.  They also love to knock things down, and this will be prevented with the Legos.
 Each one has their own mini potato head with parts.
 Finger puppets and cars.  Lettie was the biggest fan of the finger puppets last weekend!
 Containers to practice opening and closing.  Manly would spend ten minutes at a time with these little containers.
 Cups and pom-poms to sort by color.  Leave it to children to come up with other ideas though.  Manly put them in the open and close containers to see how many would fit, and he hauled them around in his dump truck.
 A felt button snake to practice buttoning.

After I put these all together I came across The Princess and the Tot, and I really like her ideas, so I may make a few of hers up before we go to our next convention.  I'm thinking about adding some scrapbook paper punches and paper too, but I didn't want the mess in a huge convention hall, this weekend we'll just be in a hotel, and the pace won't be so fast so I might give it a try.

You'll notice that for now my packs are stored in plastic bags, and they totally work, but you'll notice on The Princess and the Tot she has hers in cute pencil pouches, and thanks to my sweet mother and father in-law mine too will be stored in those pencil pouches.  I think they will be much sturdier, and easier for the children to open and close themselves.

I am happy to report that Manly used his activity packs last weekend and sat through three one hour classes with us without be disruptive!  They were really fun to make up, and apparently really fun to use.

bwrightbrizee  – (July 20, 2011 at 7:15 PM)  

Can I play too?? Grandmommy could use some fun things to do during boring meetings and long plane rides!!! :-)))

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