Craft Time

So, I like to make things, and I LOVE to make things for my children.  It just makes me so happy.  In any event, here are some of the projects I have finished over the last few weeks.

First up is the Spinny Speller.  When we were on vacation in San Diego last month I saw one of these at a little store, and I about choked when they wanted $10 for it.  I thought it would be fun, but I wasn't sure enough that Bitsy would love it to spend that much for it, especially since it was plastic.  Imagine my joy, my bliss, my over the moon excitement then, when I saw THIS at Counting Coconuts!  Not only had she made her own spinny speller, she had made a tutorial, so I could make my own!!!  I was in love!  Needless to say the very next morning I took myself right down to Michael's to pick up the supplies I needed for this and the next project I will show you.
This one is Bitsy's and while she doesn't love it, she does like playing with it.  I think as she gets a little further along with reading she is really going to love it.  I won't include a tutorial, because I followed the one over at Counting Coconuts, except I didn't ask her husband to drill holes, I asked my sweet husband, and I didn't sand the edges.  I even used the same letters she did, because it was easier then looking through a list of Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) words and coming up with my own.  I made another one in blue and green for Manly when he gets a little bigger.  For the price of the one in the store I could have made six with leftover parts, and I really love that!

My next project came from Counting Coconuts as well.  Manly has been frustrated with buttoning his shirt lately, so I thought I would give this a try.  I let him pick out the ribbon, and the buttons he wanted, and this is how his "button snake" turned out.
Originally it had a button at one end and a handle at the other end, because I thought the handle would be enough to stop the felt from slipping off.  It was... for one day.  The felt stretched out as it went back and forth over the buttons, so the pieces slid right off.  Manly got really frustrated with that, so I put the button on the other end, and that has resolved our trouble.  I just used inexpensive sheets of felt from the craft store, and I think if it had been higher quality we wouldn't have had that problem.  

My final project is for Lettie, and right now it's educational value is to make sure she knows she is loved, although as she gets older I am sure we will use it to learn animal names and colors.  

My sweet sister in-law bought me this fabric when I was pregnant with Manly, but I was to afraid to try and quilt anything before now.  It took me about two days to do all of the stitching, and make the binding, but then I decided to slip stitch the binding on the back.  It was my first time doing that, but thanks to an excellent tutorial from my friend Theresa over at Joyous Home I was able to do it.  It took me about two weeks working on it for a while after the kids went to bed each night, but now it's done, and we both love it.

Can I just tell you again, how much I love making things?!

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