Week in Review

So I'm going to try to do a weekly review of our learning activities, and life in general, so here's our first "Week in Review".
Bitsy started her week with some arts and crafts.  She had picked out a little Violet at the store and we had gotten a ceramic pot for it, but it had been replanted, so when she saw the idea for this in her Highlights High Five she decided she wanted to do it.  Luckily I had looked through the magazine the night before and anticipated that she would want to do it, so I had cut out some scrap fabric already, so she and Manly could just go to town.  She was nice enough to let him put a few dabs of glue on.  :)  She started out by sorting all of the pieces of fabric into piles by color, then worked hard at gluing and covering it.

It turned out beautifully, and is in her room for Wally to look at.
 Manly practiced his cutting this week, and he really enjoys it!  I put little stickers onto strips of paper about an inch wide so he can cut through in one cut.  He cut in between the stickers and did an outstanding job.
Everyone's really enjoying building with Lego's, and this week they even let Lettie get in on it.  I love lessons on sharing!
 We also worked on some practical life skills with Manly this week.  While Bitsy was resting he counted out popsicle sticks and then cut bananas in half.  After we smeared them with peanut butter, and rolled them in our little pan of chocolate chips they got wrapped up and placed in the freezer.
 They both enjoyed a cool snack on a warm summer day!
So, as you can see, we've read, done arts and crafts, and a little math, some practical life experience, and at the zoo we did some geography, so what are we missing, oh, that's right, hand-on science!  Enter Pappy!  First we dissolved gel caps in warm water to make our sponge animals.

And then, we started our longer term project, that will be finished tomorrow.  We added our Magic Grow animals to a bucket of water.
These little creatures are supposed to soak for three days but continue to grow for up to a week in water, and once you take them out they will dry out and you can do it all again.  Amazing!  We'll take pictures of them tomorrow once they're at their three day size.

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