Week In Review

With the 4th of July, and our field trips there was not a lot of school time this week, but we did do a few fun things I wanted to share.  

First, we made these AWESOME bubble makers.  They are so simple to make, it took me maybe 5 minutes to make two, including gathering the materials, and even Manly can blow bubbles this way.  (Most 2 1/2 year olds have trouble blowing bubbles consistently.)  They were so fun that as soon as I get some more bottles I think I might make Steve and I our own.  I will reiterate her warning though, sucking in will cause the bubble to fill the bottle, and your mouth, which puts a damper on the experience, if you don't believe me, you can ask Bitsy.
Manly was just getting started here, he ended up with a bubble snake about a foot long before he scraped it off to make another.

We also started our 4th of July activities this week, with Star Sequencing, and Star counting found here at Counting Coconuts.  Instead of putting stickers on our flags we used extra star confetti from our sensory bin.  Bitsy does great with sequencing, but is still working on her 1:1 counting, so there are no pictures of these activities.  I think it's more important to help them, then photograph them.  :)

After that we went outside with our foam circles, and Red and Blue pinwheels from Pier1 to practice pushing them in and pulling them out.  They are meant to be toothpicks, so they have sharp ends that are easy to put into the foam.  After Bitsy and Manly had both put theirs in Bitsy lined hers all up and watched them spin in the wind, and danced around with them.  It was wonderful to see her expand the activity and find so much joy in it.
Manly's Pinwheels
We took our Giant Creatures out of the water, and they are currently returning to their original size for future storage.

We practiced cutting and gluing with Daddy making tissue paper stars that Pappy brought us.
Bitsy practiced her photography skills by taking this picture!

We read lots of books!
 And Lettie practiced her standing, because apparently cutting her first tooth wasn't enough of a milestone for her.  She scooted over to her chair and pulled herself up into this position, to say she was pleased with herself would be an understatment.
 It's amazing how fast they grow up!

This week will be another "light" school week, as we get ready for Homeschool Conventions the next two weekends.  Hopefully next week I will be able to share some activity bags I'm making up for the kids to keep them busy during the lectures.

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