Week In Review

If you've been wondering where we've been and why the blog has been so quiet, and you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for loads of pictures, I'm sorry to say you may want to prepare yourself for disappointment. 

This week we went to the CHEA homeschool convention.  And other than when Bitsy and Manly took turns staying up from midnight until 5 am, because they were so excited, we had a GREAT time.  Bitsy went to the children's convention and learned about "Riding the Waves" and the importance of following Christ no matter what.  She made these cute surfboards, and has been riding them ever since.
Steve and I went to some amazing classes, that I will be sharing more about later in the week.  

Before we left we were mostly packing and getting the house cleaned up, and while those are great practical life experiences, since the children are still small, I'm pretty involved in helping them with them, so there are no pictures.

The next few pictures are of some trays, and I'm sure you'll be wondering why I have pictures of trays, so I think they deserve some explanation.  I love the idea of my children being independent, but I also realize they are 4 1/2 and 2 1/2.  So in order for them to be independent in a "controlled" environment each week I select three to five activities for them to do, and then place them on the trays on our school room table.  When it is time for school, after we have done our regularly scheduled activities they can choose one of the trays at a time to work with.  The benefits of this are many, but in my mind there are two big ones.  First, they are choosing activities that I am happy to let them participate in, and am willing to help them, so I've helped make the choice (without them even knowing).  :)  Second, they get a choice, and that makes them happy!!!  Now for the trays.
We continued working on labeling the house to help Bitsy get even more exposure to words and she is beginning to read.  Underneath of the labels is a file folder board game from the Knights Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations to go along with the library's summer reading theme.
I made the dice and markers with extra wooden pieces I had from another project I am hoping to write about later this week.  Bitsy does fine with counting, but we are working on number recognition now, and this has really helped.

We got to use our red, white, and blue play dough this week.
We also worked on cutting.  The larger pages are for Bitsy, as she has had more practice, and came from a Kumon cutting book I found at Costco a while ago.  The thin strips are ones I made up for Manly with extra strips of cardstock and scrapbook paper, and stickers.  The stickers are different type of balls, so we did language development learning about different sports, and the type of ball each one uses.  (Hi Uncle Mike!)  We could have used our Uncle Mike this week, since Mommy and Daddy are not big sports fans.  :) 
This week we will play with glue, as we make collages with our star and ball pieces, and glue together our raincoats.  

The coming week brings another homeschool convention, so we won't be doing much around the house, but we will have a few trays out, and I am hoping to get some more pictures of the little ones.  Until then though, here's one for the road.
 Bitsy wanted to ride Manly's bike, but he wasn't real keen on sharing, so they decided to compromise.  I looked outside to them riding in small tight circles like this.  Some days it feels like all of those lessons on sharing and loving one another are working.

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