Week In Review

So, this week took us to another homeschool convention.  This week we headed over to Ontario (no, not Canada), to join CHN at their annual Expo.  It was a completely different experience then the CHEA convention.  It was very family oriented, and there were tons of things for the kids to do.  That being said, I spent the beginning of the week unpacking, and doing laundry from CHEA, and then the middle of the week repacking, and the end of the week at the convention, soooo...  there are no pictures of the kids.  We did very little in the way of school this week, other than lots of life experience, and mommy was so busy with life experience, the camera was hard to keep up with.  :)

Were it not for our AMAZING friend Tessy there would be no pictures at all. Our one slow and "boring" day was Wednesday, but it only stayed boring until the mail came.  The mailman brought us the most exciting package we've had in weeks, all the way from Hong Kong!
Tessy sent us candy, coins, a lantern, and a red envelope for Chinese New Year, and some incense from Thailand for Mommy.  She also sent us a note from two sweet boys that she knows, and they sent the Bitsy pencils, the little jumping men, and a picture of themselves.  (This isn't the full contents of the package, just what I was able to get back from the kids long enough to take a picture.)  Notice the candy boxes are open, that's because the kids loved them so much they had already eaten EVERYTHING!!!  In their defense, Bitsy did see her little neighbor friends outside and took some out to share.  She wanted to tell them all about her new friends in China!  (Sweet, right?)  So, thank you, thank you, thank you Tessy, we all loved our package.

We are going to be adding a lot of the things to our continent bags that are in the works, and this week we're going to be writing letters back to the boys to say thank you.  All of the things from China have also peeked Bitsy's interest in Chinese, and she has been asking Daddy to teach her some.  If anybody knows of a good program for teaching Chinese to little ones, I'd love to hear about it.

I am hoping to be better with the camera this week...  We still won't be home, but we are going to be camped out in a hotel in Yuma, AZ, so things won't be quite so busy.

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