Week In Review

It's hard to believe that another week has passed.  This week we had "travel school" since we spent part of the week in Yuma, AZ with Daddy.  I can admit, knowing that the temperature would be over 100 degrees and that we would mostly be in the hotel room made me a little nervous, but honestly, other than the fact that the kids don't sleep well in hotels, we had a great time!  I for one was surprised by how much there is to do in Yuma, and I would love to go back as a "tourist" some time.  

We started each day with a little outdoor fun, before it got to hot.  Luckily there was a little park right across the street from our hotel.  Naturally that was where the children wanted to go, and as a result Lettie had her first swing ride.  I think it would be an understatement to say she liked it.
Everyone had lots of fun swinning together, too.
 Later in the day Manly and I went back out to ride in the swings, and before I pushed him I asked, "Ready, spaghetti?"  Of course he answered with a resounding yes!  A few minutes later he was starting to slow down, and he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I'm spaghetti sauce!"  It took me a minute to realize he wanted me to push him some more, but now he goes around telling us he's spaghetti sauce.  :)

Bitsy is our wild rider, and she had a blast running from animal to animal.

And of course we had good family fun, going up and down the slides.  

After our outdoor fun we went inside and read books, and played with the different things in the activity bags we had for our conventions.  Just before lunch everyone was restless to run again, and I was glad I had anticipated it, because it was WAY to hot out to do any running anywhere but in our room.

Manly has been working on his shapes some, and Bitsy likes to review, so a few months ago I made up these matching shape cards.
The kids wanted to color, so I gave them scraps of paper and they went to town.  Once they were done I cut out the shape, and let them pick which color of construction paper they wanted them mounted to, then they practiced gluing, and I laminated them for durability.  Manly and Bitsy each have their own set of four.  We've used them for lots of things, but in the hotel this week we used them to run a race.  I sat at one end of the hotel room with the shapes, and the children stood at the door (don't worry, it was a one story hotel, there was no one listening to us from below) and they ran to pick up their shapes from me.  When I handed them the card they yelled out what shape it was before running back to the door and putting them in a pile.  A good time was had by all!

With all of our activity packs, and books I never once heard, "I'm bored."  It was a great trip, and worth it to see Daddy every evening.

Back at home Bitsy asked if she could get some flowers to arrange, but before she put them in the water, she and Manly decided to dance around the living room.
Manly helped me make our new playdough, which you'll see more of later.

We went to the beach, and made some new friends.
We got all cleaned up.  (Okay, it wasn't really school, but Lettie was so cute I couldn't not include it.)
And for Family Home Evening we painted our Accountable Kids Boards.  (I'll be writing a review in a couple of weeks.)

So that was our exciting week of travel, and now we're happy to be home and getting back to our routine.  This week we're going to be doing a trial run of our school schedule for the year, so we can see what we need to tweak.  

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