The Zoo

We had our first big adventure of Grandma and Pappy's visit yesterday, when we headed off to the San Diego Zoo.  Bitsy and Manly enjoyed being our little love bugs in the Children's Zoo.
 Manly, was definitely our manly man running around petting all of the animals in the petting zoo.  He liked the goats, but wasn't real wild about petting the pig, but who can blame him, that guy is HUGE, and not so attractive either! 

 Bitsy was so in love with the elephants she decided she would like to be one, when Pappy offered to let her get her face painted.
 She tells me that riding in the car in the sky (the aerial tramway) and getting her face painted were the best parts of the zoo, but she liked seeing the animals too.  
The zoo is doing special cultural celebrations focusing on China, since the birth of the pandas, and the kids loved watching the acrobats, and the guys on stilts.
 We couldn't have had any more fun!

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