Farm Sensory Bin and Play Dough

I went through a few weeks ago and planned out a theme for each month, and the majority of our reading and activities will revolve around that theme.  For the month of August we're going to be learning about farms, so our sensory bin and play dough are farm related.

First, our sensory bin.
 I used a base of popcorn, with a handful of rolled oats thrown in.  I added a horse, a steer, and two cowboys from our Pioneer Toob, and of course some animals, and a tractor.  Daddy added in the sun to help our crops grow.  The blue stones form a little pond with  a few sticks to make a bridge, a fence, or as Bitsy decided, a raft.  The green stones are the crop field, and have been planted with flowers.  I also have a few feathers tossed in.  The animals came from Ikea, the tractor came from grandma, and everything else can be picked up at a craft store.  

Manly and Bitsy saw it the morning after I made it, and have both played with it several times since then.  It makes me happy when they immediately love the bins!

This month I made two different doughs.  First we made up apple pie dough, because what would a farm be without pie?  I got the apple pie idea from Counting Coconuts, and that's the one you saw Manly helping to make in the Week in Review pictures.
For our apple pie dough we added in vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and some cloves.  It smells wonderful!  The children will each have a pan, rolling pin, some cookie cutters, and a knife for making pies.

For the mud/dirt dough I mixed together the red and blue dough from last month, and added in some orange dough I made when we first moved in.  They'll have sticks, silk flowers, and some rocks to "plant".  I might also give them straws or pipe cleaners so they can have larger "crops".

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