Mail Call

Over the last two weeks we have gotten lost of mail from our friends and family for our continent studies.  

First we received these beautiful postcards from a friend who had just been back to visit family in Bethlehem.
 Then we got this amazing package from our Oma (Grandma) Nanna in South Africa!
The postcards and booklets are amazing!  I also saved the stamps from the package so we will have that when we study Africa.  Both the package from South Africa and the postcards from Bethlehem came with invitations to come and visit, and I have to tell you Bitsy was ready to pack her bags and go traveling!!

Next we  got a package from my sweet sister Missy.  Now, I am always excited to get mail, but honestly when this letter came from Missy I got all silly and giddy, because she is getting ready to have her first baby, and every time I think about her and this baby I can't help but get giddy.  (I'm so excited about this little guy and his cute mommy I'm leaving my beach home and making my husband drive me up to Utah in the middle of winter!)  Oh, and of course we all love her sweet husband Brett too.  :)  Ok, enough with the tangent...  Aunt Missy sent us these cute pictures and frogs from her trip to Australia along with a letter about her trip, and a camel from Jerusalem, and a $2 coin from Canada.  We are especially grateful to Uncle Brett, because had he not served his mission in Australia, they might not have gone last year, and then we wouldn't have these cool things to learn with!
The most recent thing to cross our mailbox was the box that got lost.  Ha!  My poor father in-law sent this and it took two weeks to get here when it should have taken two days, needless to say we were all sure it was gone for good, but somehow yesterday it finally arrived.  We got books, which we LOVE, and these adorable cubes. 
 It's hard to tell from my picture, but each side of the cubes has a piece of clear plastic sewn on so you can slip a picture or card into it.  They are soft foam inside, and my amazing mother in-law made them for me herself, after I saw some and said that I wanted to make them.  She did an incredible job, and I am so excited to use them with the kids!
Last but not least she sent me these pencil pouches.  I really wish I had had these for my activity packs while we were going to all of our conventions, and I can't wait to transfer the activities over.  So much better than plastic baggies!

A HUGE thank you to all of our friends and family for keeping our mailbox full, and our learning hands -on!

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