Week In Review

It always surprises me at the end of the week to see how much we did.  In many ways I really enjoy that feeling, because when your up to your elbows in dishes, food, and laundry it's easy to feel unproductive.  In fact, my aunt LaRee this week suggested that I find a project to work on for a few minutes every day that won't ever have to be done again.  I'm working on deciding what that will be, but, I digress...

So, we started this week by gluing the pictures we cut out last week onto construction paper, and making collages.

We also cooked up a batch of farm rice pudding.  There's no difference between farm rice pudding, and regular rice pudding, except the recipe we got out of the Friend magazine showed a pioneer boy, that the kids thought looked like a farmer, and since that's our theme for the month, we went with it.
Everyone took turns feeding little Lettie as well.

The results were, well, bath inducing.  Lettie loved the attention, and the food, and the kids loved feeding her, so it was a great time, despite the black bean mess.
Finally we ended the week with one more craft project.
 We made puppets from a kit I got somewhere, some time.  I know that's not really helpful, sorry.  I included the picture above not because the kids were doing something so profound, but so that you realize I am human, and sometimes school is done while mommy is putting together diapers, or just generally being mommy. 
And here, are the cutest frog and cow I have ever seen!  I let them use the pieces themselves without telling them what should go where, and we all loved it.  

Of course we also played outside lots, and read books.  Bitsy and Manly finished the summer reading program at the library and got their certificates and a book on Friday, and they were both very excited.  We also got to play with our friends who came to visit for a day from 29 Palms. 

We hope your week was as fun as ours!

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