Week In Review: The Story of Peter Rabbit

This was an exciting week for us.  The little ones already loved "The Story of Peter Rabbit", so I was interested to see their reaction to it.

On Monday we learned about England.  We looked through a book from the library, and although the text was dry, they enjoyed looking at the pictures.  We also read "Beatrix Potter" by Alexandra Wallner, and "My Dear Noel" by Jane Johnson.  Bitsy really liked reading "Beatrix Potter" and learning about her life, and they both liked "My Dear Noel", which is the story of how Peter Rabbit originally came to be.

Peter Rabbit lends itself nicely to lessons in friendship, and obedience.  We read 2Kings 5 to learn about why it is important to obey, even when we don't understand why, and we read in Luke 5 about the man whose friends cared so much about him they lifted him through the roof to have the Savior heal him.  I love when we can apply the lessons from our books so well to the lessons of the Gospel!

On Tuesday we learned what an onomatopoeia is, and Bitsy and Manly both pointed them out to me in other stories we read throughout the week.  It's so cute to hear little people say such big words!  :)  Just before school time I had a stroke of creativity, and decided to use our sensory bin to tell the story of Peter Rabbit, which was a lot of fun.

I really love when I have what I think will be a great idea, and the kids enjoy it too.

On Wednesday we made our own gardens, again, with the mysterious art kit pieces.  :)  Sorry I can't offer a link or name to it.

I only had one pre-printed scene, so I made the one for Bitsy out of a piece of thin cardboard, and green and blue scrapbook paper.

While they were playing outside they decided to expand on their art lesson for the day, and I found a mud pie just outside of my back door.  Normally this would have been the time I freaked out, but for some reason a calm came over me, and I decided to embrace the mud, so I went in and got them paint brushes.  In hindsight I guess I should have painted with them, maybe next time...
 Here is their finished masterpiece!
On Thursday we learned how long a fortnight is, and used dot paint and some calendar pages to demonstrate what we learned.  
I also made up little graphs so we could graph how long it would take for four plants from Mr. McGregor's garden to sprout.  If they were older we could have used it for skip counting, or days to maturation, but I decided to stick with sprouting for this time.  There are two columns on our graph, because one is for the length of time from the package, and the other column is for how long our plants actually take.
Since the packages had a range of days for the sprouts to appear, we used two colors on our graphs.  Bitsy chose blue for the smaller day range, and pink for the larger.

Finally on Friday we planted our own carrots, lettuce, radishes, and peas, so we can compete our graphs.
A neighbor was getting rid of an old dresser, so we recycled the drawers and made planters.  She came down with three of her little ones too, so they could plant as well.  Unfortunately, six children, dirt, and seeds distracted me, and I didn't get pictures until after all of the fun was over.  :(  Maybe next time.

Manly also played our feed the chicken game this week as well.  I got the original idea from Counting Coconuts, and then modified it a bit.  We didn't use chicken scratch, we used granola, and since my dice was missing, I used farm number cards 1-4 from Musings of Me's Farm Pack.  This pack is AMAZING, if you're interested.  I cut the cards out and laminated them, and then he "fed" each chicken the number of scoops the card said to.

We finished our week off with Vegetable soup, currant buns, and blackberry bread pudding from the Five in a Row cookbook.  The little ones seem to enjoy this delicious end to the story!

At the beginning of the week we got a slide from some friends who were moving, so here's my parting shot.  This is Bitsy making the slide into a water slide before she and Manly went down on a warm summer day.
This week we have very special visits from our Aunts, and maybe a few ants too, so come back and check on us soon!

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