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I had so much fun blogging about "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" that when Jocelyn over at We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ, put together the Book of Mormon Forum, I just knew I had to join in.  (You can see what the others are saying by clicking on the button over on the right.)

While we always read, enjoy, and are edified by the Book of Mormon, this month we have a little more to be excited about.  You see every month our Church puts out a magazine (it's called "Ensign") and this month it is entirely about the Book of Mormon!  (You can read it here.)  

When I was 16 a friend gave me this book, and it changed my life.  I'm excited to share my feelings about it with you, and more importantly if you would like to read it, I would be happy to share a copy of it with you! 

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