Refrigerator Pictures

I mentioned earlier that we received pictures and letters from our aunts last week, and the Bitsy and Manly both wanted to keep the letters and pictures.  The letters were an easy fix, because I'm just going to make copies, and we'll practice our gluing skills by putting them in our journals.

For the pictures I decided to do something a little different though.  As I've said, we don't get to see our extended family nearly as much as we would like to, so I wanted the pictures to be somewhere where we would all see them often.  Enter mommy's nap time craft.

I printed the pictures off on photo paper, and got one of those thin phone book magnets I knew I had been keeping for a reason, and ripped off the add portion.  I took the add off to make sure it wouldn't be to slippery to adhere.  I cut them into a few pieces, added some glue to the magnet, and voila, refrigerator magnets.  You could probably run them through a sticker maker, or use a hot glue gun too.

I know, cute that I got the refrigerator word strip, so you all know that I definitely put them on the refrigerator.  :)  Now we can see our cute aunts, uncles, and cousins all of the time, and all it cost was the cost of the photo print.

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