Rainbow Sensory Bin and Play Dough

This month's theme is colors, although it has sort of evolved into rainbows and art.  :)  So, here are our sensory bin, and play dough.

We made a family project of the colored rice and play dough, and worked with Daddy while he was off earlier in the week.  The little ones really loved being a part of making their dough and sensory bin!  
 This is the rice in our sensory bin before we added everything together.  Isn't it pretty?
 And here's our finished box, of course our rice is all mixed together now, and it's just as pretty. 
Inside, we have a funnel, and tin for pouring rice into, some spoons for scooping, and buttons, feathers, puff balls, and colored stones.

The play dough recipe we used this month is different than usual.  We used Kool-aid to color it, and it gives it a wonderful scent.  We got the recipe out of this "Rainbow Fun" book over at Pink and Green Mama.  It is a great collection of ideas, and you'll be seeing lots of them this month.  Many of the projects are on her blog, and you can get them for free, but I will admit I liked being able to have them all in one place and already formatted for printing, which is why I just bought it.  (I'll probably be getting a few of her other booklets in the coming months to go along with other themes.)

Julie@teachinggoodeaters  – (December 13, 2011 at 8:05 AM)  

I LOVE Pink and Green Mama... I just discovered her site recently! The rice looks amazing--- your colors are soooo bright! What did you use to color it??

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