Sister Journals

A few weeks ago at Church we got these AMAZING books, "Daughters in My Kingdom", about the history of our Relief Society.  The pictures are stunning, and the content is inspiring.  I love reading about the role of women in Christ's church.  Because we won't be reading them in Church, and I wanted to have someone to talk to about what I was learning, I emailed my sisters in-law, and my mother in-law, and asked if they would be interested in reading with me, and then having a discussion about what we read.  Gratefully they agreed!

As I started reading though, I realized the flow of thoughts was greater than the margins in the book.  Of course the solution to this had to be cute, and it wouldn't be nice to make one just for myself.  So, I went out and bought six composition notebooks, broke out the scrapbook paper and some mod podge, and voila, our "Sisters in His Kingdom" notebooks were created.  I wish I could give you some great tutorial, but honestly I just opened the notebooks up, marked the paper, cut, and then mod podged.  Of course, afterward I saw these cute covers.  I think I'll make one up for my scripture journal, but I digress...

I am so grateful for these amazing books, and for my amazing sisters who are teaching me and supporting me despite our geographical distance!

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