Week In Review: Papa Piccolo

This week we read "Papa Piccolo" by Carol Talley, and while we all enjoyed the story, the activities that went with it weren't terribly hands on, so rather than a day by day explanation of the week this week, I'm going to go with an activity approach.

Academically we did find Italy on a map again, identified the Italian flag, learned about gondolas, and Venice, learned a few words in Italian, counted shoes in one of the illustrations of the book, and made biscotti, spaghetti sauce, and ricotta cake, and while those things were all fun, they just don't make such interesting pictures.  So, here are some interesting pictures.

 Manly played with play dough, while Lettie explored the container.
 Daddy gave everyone rides in a new cardboard box.
 We recreated scenes from "Papa Piccolo" with water colors.
 This was the first time they had ever tried water colors, and they LOVED them!  I kid you not they both sat and painted for an hour.  I was amazed!
 We all played outside.
 Manly worked on sanding, and painting his new "desk".  It had been a little table with flowers, but it turned into his desk awhile ago.  Unfortunately it kept getting colored on, so I decided that rather than continue to get frustrated, I would just embrace it, and we painted it with chalkboard paint.
 We practiced pouring "milk" (it is just watered down white tempera paint, I got the idea from here) from cups into bowls for Papa and the kittens from the book. 
 We learned about peripheral vision, and tried to see things out of the corner of our eyes.
  We played in the fountain at the Temple.
  And of course, Lettie made cute faces!
By the end of the week, we sure were tired!

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