Week In Review: Little Nino's Pizzeria

Last week we kicked off our color themed month by reading "Little Nino's Pizzeria" by Karen Barbour.  The kids loved it, and by Friday, Bitsy had memorized the entire story and "read" it to me.

Since Daddy was off on Monday we gathered as a family and made colored rice and play dough.  The little ones loved having daddy here for school, and it was nice for mommy to have a little back up.

Our play dough got lots of use by all of the little ones.
The kids loved how Tony worked with his dad in the pizzeria, and we took the time to read through "The Family Proclamation" to learn why it is so important for families to work together, and play together.  We also talked a lot about how Nino wanted to make more money for his family, but in the end what made their family happy wasn't money, it was being together.  They told Daddy they were glad he was home, and we could "work like the Proclamation says to" with him.
We learned about Primary colors.
And then mixed them in our vanilla pudding, to make secondary colors, and eventually brown...popsicles.  They decided they didn't want to just eat their pudding, so we put it in the popsicle molds in the freezer, and had the most delicious brown popsicles ever.  :)
We also learned about Henri Matisse, and how he used complementary colors to make his colors seem brighter.  (The pudding and lesson on complementary colors came from Pink and Green Mama's "Rainbow Fun" book.  The lesson on Matisse came from a library book.)

We were going to make rainbow cookies on Thursday for math, but it was 90 degrees, and we don't have air conditioning, (we don't usually need it here) so I decided to put that off, in attempt to prevent heat exhaustion, and instead we counted the number of pepperoni's on the pizzas.  We also compared the number that were on the pizza before and after the pizzeria expansion. 

Incidentally, that ended up being a good decision since they wouldn't have been completely cooked before we and 1.4 million of our closest neighbors ended up involved in a major power outage, which led to a candle light dinner, battery powered lanterns, snuggling on the couch, and a few shadow puppets.

On Friday we returned to science, and watched yeast bubble in water while we made pizza for dinner.  Bitsy lost interest shortly after the yeast began to dissolve, but Manly stuck with me to the end, and helped make the entire pizza.
He watched the machine knead the dough.
 He rolled the dough.
 He added the cheese (and the other toppings).  That was his favorite part.
 And, of course, he ate the pizza!
When we had discussed the food groups earlier in the day, the kids realized that fruit was the only food group not included.  (My kids and I don't really care what anyone tells us, tomatoes are a vegetable, not a fruit.)  :)  So, of course we HAD to make a dessert pizza.  

We decided to use this AMAZING cookie recipe from Chocolate on my Cranium as the crust, with a little cream cheese and some fresh peach slices on top.  Doesn't it look delicious?  It was, and we got our fruit in.
In addition to all of that, our ants finally came.  They sure are busy!

Bitsy accessorized with a plastic bag on her head,
 butterfly clothes pins in her hair, (We usually use these for identifying numbers and letters for school, isn't a child's ingenuity amazing?)
 and new church shoes on her feet.  (Grandma sent her new shoes, after she informed us all that she didn't want to wear her other church shoes, because she HATES the color black.  Grandma's such a pushover!)  :)
Manly helped with the laundry.
And Lettie enjoyed eating everything we cooked and would share with her.

bwrightbrizee  – (September 13, 2011 at 7:53 PM)  

Tell Bitsy that I'm glad she likes the new shoes!! and the plastic bag "hair helmet" reminds me of her Mommy!!! :-)) Manly appears to have some sauce that jumped up on his face while making pizza?? Glad to see that Lettie gets into the mix (so to speak).
The Pushover

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