Week In Review: Harold and the Purple Crayon

This week we read "Harold and the Purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson.  The children and I both LOVE this book.  It is so sweet and simple, but so fun.  If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.  Harold has several other adventures in different books, most of which we have read, and they are all great!  

That being said, this week was sort of a light school week, and is therefore light on pictures.  Mommy had to be gone two nights and during lunch one day, and daddy had to work some long hours. Manly's face about sums up how tired we all are, even after trying to keep things simple.
 Although, I'm not sure Bitsy missed Mommy to much.  :)  This girl loves to turn on our CD of Hymns, and dance around the living room!
 We did have some time in the kitchen cooking.  The little ones love to make popcorn in the pot with the glass lid because they can watch it pop, but they started scattering in a hurry when it started to raise the lid.  Luckily it stopped right where it was... but it sure was a good science experiment!
 We "needed" lots of baths so we could play with our rainbow bath people.  I got the idea over at Pink and Green Mama.  All three of the children love them.  As soon as they get wet they stick to each other, the tub, and the little ones.  I got one piece of craft foam in each color, and had enough to make two sets, with plenty left over.  I'm thinking with the leftovers I may cut out shapes to use in the tub, and on the sliding glass door on rainy days.
 Of course no week with Five in a Row would be complete with out our big dinner.  The little ones really love this, and I think we'd have a mutiny if we ever stop it.  Harold had a picnic with nine types of pie, and even though it was a rough week, Mommy had to draw the line... at two pies, from Costco, so you know they're HUGE!!!  It's probably close to nine pies.  Anyhow, in addition to our pies, we had our fruit and veggie rainbow muffin meals, some tortilla chips, and turkey wraps.  We laid a blanket out in the living room and had our picnic by the back door.  (It was really cold, so we decided to stay in where it was warm.) 
 On Saturday we had a family day at the beach for Daddy's work, and Bitsy and Manly had tons of fun bouncing in the bounce house...
 and blowing bubbles.  It was so cute to watch him blow, knowing that it was the wind that was making these huge bubbles, but he sure was proud of himself!  :)
 We also built a Lego city (but I had to leave before I got a picture), and talked about how our altitude changes our perspective.  We looked at the beach from the top of our hill, and then noticed when we got to the bottom we couldn't see it anymore.

While I don't generally write about it, each week we find some way to relate the story we are reading to scripture, and because this week was light on crafts and activities we spent a lot more time focusing on how Harold's story can be related to the Gospel.  For instance, we discussed how creative Harold was, but the children told me that God was even more creative because He created the world.  Harold leaves the path in the story, and has a hard time getting home, and I reminded them that if we stay on the path God has set for us we can't get back to our Heavenly Home much easier, sometimes we stray, but we can always choose to get back on the path.  We also talked about how Harold anchored his boat to keep it safe, and how Christ is our only true anchor in life.  I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to share these moments with them, because while the art and activities are fun, their knowledge of God, and our unity as a family are the things that truly matter, and last forever!

Kelly –   – (September 11, 2012 at 3:44 PM)  

Just came across your blog thru a FIAR link up and I am even more excited about teaching Harold & The Purple Crayon now that you pointed out some great biblical illustrations. Thank you for sharing!

Abby  – (September 11, 2012 at 4:09 PM)  

Thanks Kelly, I hope you have a week full of blessings with Harold!

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