Week In Review: The Story About Ping

This week we read one of my favorite children's books, "The Story About Ping" by Marjorie Flack.

Now, before I tell you about what we did with "Ping" I have to show you this cute picture of my two little patriots.  For Family Home Evening last week read through part of "I Love American Volume 1".  Our whole family loves this great curriculum, and while we usually do it as part of our school day, this month daddy wanted to teach the lesson so we did it for FHE.  Bitsy is our little Betty Ross, and Manly is a Revolutionary soldier.  The directions to make the hats, as well as flags, and other activities are all included in the manual.  This is such a fun curriculum, and the little ones had such a good time!
 Okay, now onto school.  This week we looked through books about China, found the Yangtze river on the map, and learned about Chinese New Year.  We also pulled out the toys our friend Tessie sent us a few months ago.  Daddy has studied Chinese for the last few years, and the little ones have been asking him to teach them, so we went to Semanda and printed off some of their FREE flashcards.  We used duck, river, water, and grass, and every time we read the word in the book the children would show me the appropriate flashcard and we would practice the word.  Bitsy has been wanting to make letter cookies for a while, so we thawed some of our sugar cookie dough, and made their names, and of course, a Chinese character.
 I love how resigned she looks, and how mischievous he looks.  It cracked me up!
And here is our final product!  The sugar cookie dough worked well, but I think if I was going to do it again, I would use my favorite cookie clay recipe.  (In case you're wondering, this is the character for water, shui.)  
 On Wednesday we talked about drawing water, and then decided to play with some water, to mix colors.  This is another one of the fun projects from Pink and Green Mama's Rainbow packet.
 I put red, yellow, and green in at the top, and they used the eye droppers to make all of the other colors.  Manly just thought it was fun to play, but Bitsy referenced our color wheel quite often to make the colors she wanted.  We also talked about how amazing it is that God created all of the other colors out of just three colors.
 On Thursday we did cracker math.  I've seen lots of cards where the children fill in the squares with blocks, but I decided to let the kids use crackers instead.  It was a HUGE hit!  They practiced number recognition, but we also added with them.  As an example, we filled in two for his two parents, then three for his three brothers, and counted them up.  Since that made five, then we filled in the five row as well.  The possibilities were really endless.  For the children the best part was that after every equation they got to eat the crackers so we could do another one.
We used our abacus before the crackers, and Lettie was glad when we moved on so she could have it all to herself. 
 I was sure I would be the mother who never did noodle crafts, but here is proof that I was wrong.  From Pink and Green Mama again,  I dyed the wheel pasta the six colors of the rainbow, and then we glued them into place on some wax paper.  Bitsy practiced her counting as she glued them on, and thought that was great fun, much to my relief, because numbers are not her favorite thing!
 After they dried we cut away the extra paper, added some ribbon, and tied them to the little ones' curtain rods to act as sun catchers.  (Unfortunately to get the flash to work I had to close the blinds, but trust me, they're cute as sun catchers!)
 On Friday we decided to see what things around our house would sink and float, and talked about buoyancy.  They had fun guessing which things would sink and which would float, and then put them in the appropriately labeled container after experimentation. 
 We talked about how the boy in the book would have sunk if he hadn't been wearing the barrel, and how it made him float.  Once we were sure that the dime and penny would sink, we added them to a bottle cap to demonstrate the principle.  Of course, then they wanted to add water to the bottle cap and make it sink, but we got the point across first.  :)
 Finally, when I told the little one's we were going to have a Chinese dinner, Bitsy remembered that before Chinese New Year the house is cleaned, and she and Manly got right to it.  They sprayed everything in sight!  It's always nice to know the lesson sticks, and to have the house benefit!  :)
 Even Lettie got in on the cleaning fun, although her role was more supervisory!
 Speaking of Lettie, as I'm looking back at the pictures, I'm seeing her in little corners here and there, it's kind of like "Where's Waldo?"  Can you find where she's hidden?  :)

bwrightbrizee  – (September 26, 2011 at 7:54 PM)  

Tooo funny - before I got to the bottom of the blog, I was thinking the same thing about Lettie being in the background. I see that big girl has some teeth!! The wheel pastas came out cute - glad I could find them. Glad to see that the crown still comes out on occasion - such a princess - and Manley makes quite the soldier.

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