Have I Done any Good In the World Today?

Well, we have officially finished our first week of service!  I have to say, the children have been a lot more excited about it than I thought they would.  

They both love to help, so I shouldn't be surprised, but this week they have really stepped up the service.  As soon as she gets up Bitsy is asking if we can take the link off of our service chain!  

We've done a variety of things, like write letters to loved ones, we made a treat and shared with the neighbors.  We sang songs, and made each other laugh.  I've tried to balance service to those within our home, with service to others around us. 

Again, Bitsy has really LOVED the work, every day she has gone above and beyond.  On Tuesday she brought our trashcan and the neighbors in without being asked, and this morning she told me she wanted to help get the house clean for Sunday, so she was going to vacuum, and she did.  The. whole. house!  She didn't give up or get discouraged, she did it until she knew everything was clean.
 That little girl's servant heart, really did her mommy's heart good!  Manly wanted to get in on the fun too, and asked me to take a picture of him doing service, while he put the silverware away.  It was service in two ways, because he was helping mommy put away the silverware, and because it is normally Bitsy's chore, but since she was vacuuming he wanted to do it for her. 
 This afternoon they worked together on our "big" service project for the week.  Two weeks ago Ella asked the Bishop (our congregation's ecclesiastical leader) if she could make the bread for the sacrament.  He told her no one had ever asked before, and that he would be happy for her to do it.  I was so grateful for his willingness to allow her to be of service to so many, and in such a symbolic way!  I can't wait to hear how she feels about it tomorrow as the sacrament is being passed!
I originally planned this month of service for myself.  I wanted to be filled with greater charity.  I wanted to serve as my Savior did.  I am so grateful to see how my sweet children have embraced this opportunity, and letting it flow into their lives.  It is not just one act of service a day, it is a greater love for those around them, and a desire to live more like Christ.  

As the parent, and a homeschooling mom, I usually think I am the one who is teaching.  It is amazing how He teaches me through them!  I am excited to see what I else I learn as we finish the month.

bwrightbrizee  – (October 9, 2011 at 8:07 AM)  

Oh my goodness - I'm so proud. I know that they are paying attention because it is one of the first things that Bitsy talked to me about on the phone this week. I'm sure that 30 days will fly by - when thinking about others!!

Shelley  – (April 23, 2012 at 1:48 AM)  

I've just discovered your blog today and I love it! I started from the beginning and am going forward. I have already learned so much.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing the gospel so beautifully on your blog! I'm really enjoying it!

Abby  – (April 23, 2012 at 11:42 AM)  

Thanks so much for coming by, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I hope you'll come back often.

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