Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

When I was a child my favorite ride at Disney World was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.  I wrote letters complaining when it was replaced by Winnie the Pooh, and I like Winnie the Pooh!  All that being said, I've never really had any sort of encounter with a real toad.  Until last week.

As we came back from our daily walk to the mailbox we picked up a box left by our door.  It was the box with some copies of the Book of Mormon and the special edition Ensign I want to share.  (If you want one email me and I'll send them off to you.)  Underneath the box was Mr. Toad.  
Now, daddy wasn't here to research the type of toad, and I'm only newly converted to having anything that could be considered "creepy" in the house, so I didn't get acquainted well enough with our friend to find out what type of toad he is.  If you can tell from the picture let us know, I'd be fascinated to find out more.  We did learn that they're little bumps are a defense mechanism and put out a white milky substance that will irritate the mouth of animals that attempt to eat them.  (The learning experience wasn't completely lost on me.)

Needless to say my little Manly was thrilled with his new friend!  He got him a stick and a leaf, and a bottle cap full of water, while he sat and talked to him.  It was so cute to see how sensitive and caring he was to one of God's creatures.  He comforted Bitsy too when the toad hopped in the cage and startled her as she came close.  That's my man, protecting girls and the defenseless!
 Luckily for Mr. Toad we believe in catch and release, and his wild ride ended with him being returned to the great outdoors.  I admit I briefly considered allowing him to become a permanent resident, and even did some reading on how to set up a home for him, but then the reality of my fear of him getting loose in my house set in, so we said goodbye and sent him home. 
I'm glad Toad came to visit though, and I'd probably even welcome him back, because that love and excitement in Manly's face is one of those moments in motherhood I want to always remember!

Before I go, it's my wonderful friend Denice's birthday, but since I am out of contact with the outside world I wanted to make sure she knew I hadn't forgotten.  Happy Birthday Denice!!

bwrightbrizee  – (October 14, 2011 at 6:57 PM)  

That Manly - he's a good man!!! :-))

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