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Last week I mentioned then in addition to the special games and activities planned for General Conference, that I would also be allowing the children to use their Sunday Box.  Now you might be wondering what a Sunday Box is, and where the idea came from, so please, since it's Monday, and you have all week to make your own, let me share.  We believe in keeping the Sabbath day holy, which means no shopping, eating out, and for the little ones, no playing outside.  At times no playing outside has been pretty frustrating, because the neighbors are out, and of course, if we aren't outside, what will we do.  While I was trying to figure out how to make this easier on the children, I came across this post on teaching children to obey the commandments and the law.  When I saw that it was suggested to include the game in your "Sunday Box" I was intrigued, and went here to find out more, and our Sunday Box was born!
 There is flannel on the two long sides, and card stock on the two narrow sides.  We took the top flaps off so they wouldn't end up being ripped off, and eventually I'm going to put a little ribbon on the corners, and Bitsy and Manly will decorate the card stock with stickers.
 Inside there are pieces for flannel scripture stories, along with puzzles and matching games I have taken out of the "Friend" for the last few months.  I usually laminate the pieces for durability, but the beauty is there is always something new in the "Friend" so if a game gets worn out, or the little ones aren't interested in it, they are easy to replace.
In a pocket folder I've added sheet protectors that include more pages from the "Friend" with activities that can be done over and over, like finding the scripture that matches the picture, or finding hidden objects.  Because they are in the page protectors they can write on the pages with dry erase markers, and then wipe them off.  Every few months I am planning on changing out pages to keep them interesting.
We also have some file folder games.  This one is about "The Family Proclamation", and you can get a copy here.  I printed it off during The Family Celebration and we play it at least once a week, the children LOVE it!  The games I made up for General Conference will be added to the box next week as well.

Because our Sunday Box is still so new, we've only had it for about a month, there are a few other projects I haven't finished to add to it.  Soon we will have Old Testament Fishing, a Sunday Can (although ours will probably be a jar, even thought I get the pun), and a puppet to help teach about the eternal nature of our spirits.  I also just got this great pattern to make a Temple Softie that will go into the box.  (I'll share pictures when I'm done.)

This has been a HUGE blessing in our home!  They ask for the box as soon as we get home from Church, and play all afternoon, with no crying about going outside, and all I had to do was pull a few pages from some magazines!

Becca  – (October 12, 2011 at 8:32 AM)  

I like this idea for the little ones! Our biggest fight (since we live on a street with mostly older, LDS families - no tempting kids playing outside) is watching movies on Sunday, so we let them watch the still-motion Scripture Story DVDs from the distribution center. We have all four of the standard works, so they always have a choice. I like the idea of a box, though, and I think that we could even keep it relevant for older kids as our children grow by maybe putting some EFY books, or CDs of "hip" LDS bands like Jericho Road singing hymns, etc. You've got my wheels turning! :) Thanks!

Abby  – (October 12, 2011 at 9:50 AM)  

Becca, We love those DVD's here too! You got me thinking, and I think maybe I'll start putting one of those in every week in addition to the other activities. Then they can watch a movie, but it's not a fight on how many of them to watch. Thanks for sharing!

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