The Temple is the House of God

I've been meaning to show you these beautiful Temple prints for a few weeks now, but I kept hoping I would get them in frames and up on the wall.  It may be Thanksgiving before that happens at this rate... and I just can't wait that long for you to see them!
Aren't they beautiful??!!
I won the 8x10 in a giveaway at We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ, and I was so excited to have one of my favorite scriptures on a picture of the Temple where my sweet husband and I were sealed.  

I ripped right into the package as soon as it came, and in addition to our beautiful Temple, Kjerstin had also included the two 5x7's for my little ones!  Wasn't that sweet??  (Don't worry, one of the little ones has one that Aunt Denice made for us, so we're all covered.) 

 You can see more of Kjerstin's beautiful work at KMC Photography, it is all so beautiful!  I think I know where I will turn for wedding gifts in the future.  :)  It would also be a sweet way to follow Pres. Monson's counsel that we put a picture of the Temple in each of our children's rooms.

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