Week In Review: A Pair of Red Clogs

This week we read "A Pair of Red Clogs" by Masako Matsuno, and I have to admit, I wasn't real great about having hands-on learning to reinforce the concepts.  I spent a good portion of the week taking care of things that needed to be done for Daddy, and getting ready for General Conference, and that was truly the best use of my time.  Nothing is more important than our family, and teaching the children the importance of following the Lord!

So, here's a brief recap of the rest of what we did.
 We made sandcastles in our sandbox.
 We dressed up in a Japanese Kimono and clogs, as we learned about the culture of Japan.
We danced!!
We made origami stars.
Mommy canned, and dehydrated peaches.  We got 20 pounds of peaches this week, and I preserved about 15 pounds of them.  I got a pint of baby food, three trays of fruit leather, four trays of dehydrated peaches, and 3 quarts of peach halves.  The little ones got about two pounds of peaches to eat throughout the course of the day.  :)  We are still enjoying a few fresh peaches each day, too.
And of course, we watched General Conference!

Bitsy expressed an interest in learning how to conduct music, and play the piano this week as well, so we watched this video on how to conduct a choir, and started working through this book on learning how to play the piano.  I love both of these because the songs she is learning with are all hymns, and since she loves to sing hymns, it has really gotten her attention.  She loves music so much that I had anticipated the day would come when she asked about these skills, and I'm so glad our Church provides such great quality materials for me to have on hand!  

Oh, and one more exciting thing!!  In case you didn't see this, I won a beautiful picture from KMC Photography this week.  All of their stuff is sooo beautiful, go and check it out!!

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