Week in Review

We read "Daniel's Duck" by Clyde Robert Bulla this week, but after our exciting weekend with General Conference, and some dreary weather outside we didn't do much with it.  But we still had lots of fun!

We used the rainbow rice, and some of the objects from our sensory bin from last month to make "eye spy" bottles.  The children loved using the rice for something else, and I think they're going to make great car activities!
 Since it was pretty rainy this week, so I brought out the Rainy Day Bingo cards, I had been saving since I read about them!  It was a HUGE hit!!!  One of our tasks was to build something fun, and Bitsy and Manly built this awesome fort!  The cardboard box was moved around many times during the week, and was a playhouse, fort, and surfboard.  (And people really buy children toys?)  :)
 We had popcorn, and Lettie loved it!  Manly was none to pleased to come back and find his sister had cleaned out his bowl though.  An excellent lesson in "everything in its' place"!
 We started working on some of the AWESOME projects in this study of explorers in preparation for Columbus Day next week.  Since the dot paint was already out for bingo, we just kept going with it...
 and going with it!
 Finally, on Thursday the sun came out again, and we had a little outdoor recreation at the swings...
and the playground.  Isn't that the cutest face ever!  I just want to eat her up!!!
 And while we always enjoy story time, it's especially interesting when we have Aunt Denice as our guest reader.  They are completely enthralled! 
We also had some science fun, but you'll have to come back later in the week to find out about that!

bwrightbrizee  – (October 10, 2011 at 10:37 AM)  

Oh my gosh - adorable picture of Lettie!!! We all need to remember how to enjoy life to the fullest!!! I see that she was also safe inside the fort - most excellent. Bitsy told me abot the playhouse - it was made of cardboard and other objects around the house - direct quote. Use of the word "objects" cracked me up. Reminds me a lot of some other little person - some time ago!!!

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