Week In Review

We had a very busy week this week!  Instead of our normal school routine we opted for general learning activities, a few lessons on Christopher Columbus, and then took our big trip to the desert.

Manly played his favorite color matching game several times before we left.  This is a little game I made for him myself using my favorite school supply, paint sample cards.  I got sample cards in basic colors, and wrote the color name with a black permanent marker.  Then, I got index cards and different colored markers and wrote the names on them.  Here he is matching the names to the color cards, but he quite often switches them around.  There are times he will do this 5 or 6 times in a row!
 As part of our Columbus Day celebration, we acted out a story of Columbus' life, from the "I Love America" curriculum.  Here is Columbus presenting his plan to Queen Isabella, and apparently the little messenger.  :)  I can't tell you how much I LOVE this curriculum.  If you are looking for a great hands-on, patriotic history, this is a great program!  There are only three to five lessons a month, but they are outstanding.
 Here is sad Christopher Columbus.  He's just been told by Queen Isabella that he can't have any money for his ships.  (Isn't that such a cute face?)
 And, one of my favorites, here are the noble players looking through the Queen's treasury!
 We also did LOTS of cutting practice...
 and coloring.
 On Wednesday we got up and drove down to a little spot between Lake Meade, and Mesquite, NV where daddy's family settled many years ago.  The first order of business as soon as we got out of the car was rock climbing!
 We took lots of hikes, and played in the few mud puddles we found in the middle of the desert.
 During the hot afternoons we went down to the old family ranch, and played in the pond that is made from a spring nearby.  This spring is also the only source of water we have when we go, other than what we pack in with us.
 Even Lettie wanted to enjoy the pond.
 Since daddy wasn't able to join us some of the "exciting" experiences required mommy to step up, like swinging on the rope over the pond!
 We enjoyed the wonderful water from the spring.  (This is also where we washed our hair!)
 Bitsy LOVED being outside climbing, and exploring!  She just kept going until she would collapse in bed at night.
 Uncle Mike brought down one of his trucks, and let Manly take a ride.  He had that smile on his face the whole time he was in the truck.  It was a dream come true.  Bitsy enjoyed using the air horn to wake everyone in camp up as well.
 Grandma and Grandpa fed us everything we could want, including pomegranates.
 Manly was in heaven hanging out with his Uncle Mike.  He was so glad to spend so much time with him.
 Bitsy enjoyed playing with her cousins that she doesn't get to see that often as well.  She especially loved playing with her cousin "T" who was AMAZING at taking her with her.  She is such a wonderful young woman, and I am so grateful the sweet love she showed to her little cousin.
 Lettie mostly enjoyed being carried around by Grandma and Aunt Crystal, but on the occasions she was put down in the trailer, she sure enjoyed exploring too.
 And of course, we all enjoyed the beautiful views!
We had such a great time being with our family, and enjoying this special place.  The little ones kept asking why we had to come home, and when they can come back!

bwrightbrizee  – (October 16, 2011 at 8:01 PM)  

What a sad Columbus and a regal Queen!! :-)) Looks like a great time in the desert - making such great memories and family ties. Seeing Lettie in the basin reminds me of you in the big dishpan in the cabins at Westmoreland - good memory!!! Glad you're home safely.

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