Craisins... or Not!

A few weeks ago I followed through on something I've been saying I wanted to do for a few years now.  I decided to dehydrate some cranberries.  Aren't they beautiful?  
Well, because there seem to be some of you who think everything I try just turns out perfectly, I want you to know these were a HUGE failure.  The directions I found were terrible, and after 24 hours on the dryer the cranberries were still no where near dry, and they were REALLY bitter, even with all of the simple syrup I had soaked them in.  I gave Bitsy one to try, and as she ran to the trashcan to spit it out, she yelled "These are disgusting and horrible."  (My daughter has never used the words disgusting or horrible about any food before.)

 I refused to be defeated however, so I poured the cranberries, and the simple syrup, and a couple of cups of apple juice in to my blender, and onto the dehydrator pans...
 and made fruit leather.  Lots, and lots of cranberry fruit leather.  Luckily, rather than being disgusting and horrible, this is yummy and delicious, and I've had to hide most of it so that the little ones don't eat it all at once.  Thank goodness!
Don't think that this has deterred me, I am still determined to dry my cranberries.  In fact, I went right out and bought another 3 pounds!  But, does anyone have a good recipe?!  :)

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