Putting Christ in Christmas

About three years ago I got fed up with commercialized Christmas.  There was no Christ in Christmas.  There was Santa, and inordinate amounts of money on things that no one in their right mind really needed.  There were people getting arrested at Black Friday sales.  There was pushing shoving, and a SERIOUS absence of goodwill toward men, and I had had it!  

I am willing to admit at least part of what pushed me over the edge was that for the second time in two years I found myself expecting a child within days of Christmas.  I found myself relating to Mary in a way I could never have imagined.  I wanted my child to be born into a world where people loved and celebrated the Savior of the world.  I wanted peace on earth.  

I knew there wasn't a whole lot I could do about the peace on earth, but I knew that in our home we could make sure the birth and life of the Savior was central to Christmas.  Stepping back from Santa, malls, and the secularization of Christmas was a bit daunting, but the rewards have been AMAZING!!!

So, in case you are interested (and I hope you are) in bringing Christ more into your Christmas I wanted to share a few of my favorite FREE resources!

Christ Centered Christmas is an amazing blog with TONS of ideas!  One that was new to me, that we're thinking about giving a try this year is their Bethlehem dinner.  We do something similar at Easter, so I'm excited to add this to our Christmas celebration.

I recently stumbled across Christ: The Real Gift of Christmas, and I am in love!  They have music, videos, Christmas traditions, and in the Christmas Resources section under families, there are even games and coloring pages for the little ones.  This is a great one stop shop.

Amy Pak, from Homeschool in the Woods, has generously allowed me to share this link for her Christmas Unit study with you. This has everything from penmanship, to science, and math, all focused on Christmas.  We went through several of her hands on projects last year, and had a wonderful time!!!  I can't thank Amy enough for sharing this with all of you.  (We have since purchased her new "History of Holidays" activity-study, and it is just as amazing!  It includes many of the Christmas activities in addition to more than 12 other holidays.  We have really loved it around here.  I only wish my children were older so we could use ALL of her packs.)  :)

Homeschool Freebie of the Day is one of my favorites, year round, but starting this week they are going to be offering some amazing Christmas resources.  Yesterday they had a great link to free classical Christmas music, and later in the week they are going to be offering different Christmas stories.  

Finally, I realize this doesn't really have anything to do with a Christ centered Christmas, but I wanted to share a little Christmas gift I received recently with my fellow military homeschoolers.  "The Old Schoolhouse" is offering a free one year digital subscription to their magazine for all active duty, retired, and reserve military homeschool families!  They are also throwing in a few other things as well, and you can read all about it here

I hope these resources will bless you as they have blessed me, and that we will all have a Christmas filled with Christ.

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