In case you don't speak my second language (miltaryese) that stands for "Sick in Quarters".  Which is what we are around here.  I have three sick children, a husband on a 24 hour post, and mommy clawing at the walls, carpets, and anything else trying not to go down the path to illness.  

So, if you're hear looking for that post I promised about yogurt, I'm so sorry.  As with all of you, my family comes first, and today we sat on the couch and read books and watched movies.  There was no yogurt involved.  I am hoping we will be back on top of things  Monday or Tuesday, and I will make the yogurt then.  (You should be completely hopeful, because every time Bitsy prayed today she asked that we would all be better so she could say her part in the Primary program tomorrow at Church.  I have faith the Lord will answer my little girl's prayers!)

In the mean time, if you are so excited you can't stand it, and you want to have everything on hand to try it as soon as you see how easy it is, I'll give you a list of supplies so you can have them ready.  You will need about 3 cups of powdered NON-instant milk (the NON part is very important), a slow cooker, a great big towel, and 1/2 of a cup of plain or vanilla yogurt that has live active cultures (the live active cultures are absolutely essential).  That's all.  Doesn't this sound easy already? 

Thanks for your patience, we'll be back on our feet in no time!

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