Tradition! Tradition!

As excited as I get about Fall, it pales in comparison to how excited I get for Christmas.  Unlike the Grinch I love Christmas, the WHOLE Christmas season!!!  

To me the Christmas season begins when the tree goes up, so I try and have it up the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

With three little people under 5 getting the tree up and keeping the Spirit of Christmas can be a feat.  So that our Christmas doesn't begin in a deluge of tears and angry words, mine and the children's, putting up the tree has become a date night tradtition for Steve and I.  On the appointed night we wait for the children to go to bed, turn on some Christmas music, and then get the tree out and up, with the lights on.  (We add the decorations the next day as a family.)  After the lights are on the tree we usually turn out all of the house lights and just sit and look at it.  Ever since I was a child I've just loved sitting in a dark room and looking at the beautiful little lights on a Christmas tree, I find it so peaceful.

After I've soaked in the peace of the beginning of Christmas, we get out our two little children's nativities and place them under the tree for the little ones to find.  One is wooden, and the other is stuffed, and the children love carrying them around and playing with them all season long.  The next morning they usually come running in to tell us there's a Christmas tree, and then they come back out, and play with their nativities while Bitsy plugs in the tree.  (She loves the lights as much as her momma does.)  

Having the nativity there for them right from the start reminds them that Christmas "doesn't come from a box" and is about the birth of our Savior.  It's such a beautiful, spiritual beginning to our season, and that's the greatest gift we can find, under our tree, or otherwise!

(If you're interested in more Christmas ideas, head over to Someone In Mind, where Erin is going to be doing a series on "Finding Christ in Christmas" all through December.  I'm even going to be doing a guest post for her!)

Christy  – (December 28, 2011 at 9:59 PM)  

Awesome idea to put up the nativity with the tree! I love "hands-on" nativities! Congrats to you for winning, too. =) It was fun, huh? =)

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