The Value of an Education

November is over half way over, and I am happy to say that the goal to fund the scholarship for single parents to LDS Business College has been met, but I have to be honest, I'm not satisfied.

I truly believe one of the greatest gifts a person can receive is an education!

I think that's why I want to see the number of donors, and the number of scholarships rise.  I don't think that 5 one semester scholarships is enough for these single parents.  

We received a letter from one of the recipients after we donated and she said in part, "I am striving to make a difficult situation better by gaining an education..."  

This is such a personal cause to me, because I know how powerful an education can be, and I know what a struggle it is to complete your education, and I can't imagine the strain of trying to do that while I raised a family.  I especially can't imagine doing it without the support of a spouse.

One of the first stories my husband told me about his mother was of her desire and struggle to go back to college and complete her degree while he was young.  She graduated the same year as his oldest sister.  Their family's pride in her accomplishment was palpable.  I can't imagine if she had had to do this without the physical, emotional, and financial support of her husband.  

In my previous life (the one before marriage and family) I was a domestic violence counselor.  I saw women and children struggle in poverty because they had been prevented from receiving an education.  I saw the discouragement and frustration in women's eyes as we filled out paperwork so they could receive welfare.  They felt worthless, and demeaned.  Many of them didn't want a hand out, they wanted a hand up.  Women like this are trying to get an education to better their families.

I was blessed to complete my degree before I met my sweet husband, and before we started a family, and I am so grateful for that, but I am surrounded by women who haven't had that blessing, and live in fear that something will happen to their husbands as they serve our country, and they will have no way of supporting their families.  I can't imagine the burden that I would feel if I lost my husband and suddenly had to provide for our family, as well as get an education, all while nurturing my children.

During this season of thanks, and giving, I want to encourage you to help give some families a hand up, because really as the parents are blessed with an education, the entire family is lifted.  Please don't think that your donation is to small, or that it won't make a difference.  Whether it is, $1, $5, $10, $100 it ALL makes a difference.  

Let these families know that despite their difficult circumstances people believe in them.  Let them know that despite their obstacles they are of value.  Help change the course of the generations that will be blessed because of this education!  Let's ease a burden.

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