Week In Review: Plan of Salvation Pt. 2

Things were a little light this week, as we readjusted to all being together, and as Mommy took the opportunity to scrub the house from top to bottom, purging as she went.  I love getting rid of clutter!!!  (I still have a long way to go though.)  :(

We started our week with a little cutting, gluing, and folding practice as we made these cute little books to remind us of the steps of the Plan of Salvation.  (If you want to print things off of The Friend website I recommend going to the year and month you want and downloading the whole magazine.  Then find the page you are interested in and print it through Adobe.  You can also view the larger image and save it to your computer and then print it.  I've found these two ways give me a full page image, as opposed to what you will print if you just print from the "larger image" view.  I hope that is helpful to people, because I know I was pretty frustrated until I figured it out a few months ago!)
 We talked about how Heavenly Father didn't just send us to earth to live alone, but instead He sent us in families, and how important families are.  We looked through some old family pictures, and some pictures of the children when they were little.  They enjoyed this so much I think we will be repeating it again soon.
 After looking at pictures we read about how our great-grandma Julia loved to visit her grandma and eat her egg bread.  Since we had the recipe we headed to the kitchen for a little math and science, and made our own egg bread.  I now know why great-grandma loves it so much!  We made this beautiful loaf of bread, as well as cinnamon rolls, cinnamon raisin bread, and some doughnuts.  (The recipe makes A LOT of dough!)  We added a little more family history as I told Bitsy that her middle name is the same as my great grandmother, and it is her bread board that we rolled our dough out on and let it cool on. 
 We talked again about the plan of salvation being like a map, and the little ones helped me make this map out of a box we had gotten in the mail.  They stayed busy all day coloring, and driving around on it while I worked on getting some cleaning done.

 I decided to try and participate in 30 Days of Hands on Play that is happening over at the Imagination Tree. So among other things this week we built a fort in the living room.  By the end of the day it had lots of stuffed animals in residence, and a cardboard box bookshelf full of books.  I love seeing that my children love reading so much that their tiny house HAD to have a bookshelf.
 Since it was a rainy day, it ended up being pretty dark in the fort, and by mid afternoon they needed light for their home, so we got out some glow sticks, and everyone was very happy.  My flash worked a little to well in the picture on the left, but in the one on the right you get a better idea of how things were really looking.
Friday was laundry day, and while I left the basket unattended Bitsy and Manly decided to play dress up.  They insisted on staying dressed up until Daddy got home to see them.  We finished up our Plan of Salvation lessons by putting the plan in order using these beautiful printouts from The Readheaded Hostess
We also practiced some more cutting and gluing when we made this fun little viewer.  The pictures are of different parts of the Plan of Salvation, such as the premortal counsel, the creation, and Adam and Eve.  I thought I was helping with the durability of our pictures by laminating them, but as it turns out all I actually did is make it so you have to be looking directly at a light to see the pictures.  Later the little ones got a flashlight and shone it on the back of the pictures.  They thought that was lots of fun, and didn't mind mom's mistake anymore.  If you decide to make your own viewer I highly recommend wrapping it around a paper towel tube, I don't know that we could have gotten it to keep it's shape otherwise.
We had a plan of salvation party as well.  We thought up a plan, everyone did their part, and chose the right, and we had a pizza and ice cream reward.  I love when the Gospel leads to a party!  We should always be celebrating because of the wonderful blessings the Lord has given us.
Totally unrelated to school, I went out alone to do a little shopping on Saturday, but before I came home I stopped by a little bakery.  They had the most delicious lemon meringue cupcakes!  Lettie would giggle every time I let her bite into the meringue.  Here's her cute little meringue hands and face.  I think if she could talk she would be asking why I didn't get more cupcakes.
I have to admit, I'm kind of wondering the same thing!

bwrightbrizee  – (November 6, 2011 at 10:26 PM)  

Oh Lettie - what a face!!! ;-)) And good dressing up to celebrate Veterans Day!!!

Mormon Share  – (November 7, 2011 at 11:15 AM)  

Your babies are getting so big, A! I'm glad to see you online, and I'm glad the food storage book was helpful to you!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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