Week In Review- Prayer

This week we used the chapters on individual and family prayer from "Behold Your Little Ones" as the base of our learning activities.  

We started our week with a little coloring...
 and a little cutting using the flip book in the manual.  We also practiced counting to four since there are four steps to prayer included in the picture.
 We learned that prayer is a form of communication, and discussed other forms of communication, such as telephones, music, reading, writing, dance, and how even our body language can communicate things to people.  We talked about how to call 911 if there is an emergency, and we worked on memorizing our phone number.  I made up a little song to help them remember our phone number, but we also worked on our phone number matching mat.  
I made our mat out of a thin piece of cardboard, and underneath the white cards is our entire phone number, including area code, the matching cards are just index cards cut into quarters with the individual digits written on each one.  To use this I have the individual digits in a pile, and they match them, in order, with the numbers of our phone number written on the cardboard.  We start at the green circle, and stop at the red.  (This activity is based on one included in "Slow and Steady Get Me Ready by June Oberlander.)  In case you're wondering, this isn't even close to our phone number, but I wanted you to see how the activity works.
 What would a lesson on communication be without can phones?  The little ones LOVED making these with daddy, and have been carrying them around "calling" each other all week.
 Bitsy decided to put together this puzzle this week, and it was pretty amazing.  She's never done anything like that before, but she was really determined, and put it together 3 or 4 times in a row.  Then she told me the story she thinks the artist was trying to tell when he drew the picture.
 One of my favorite parts of the week was when we talked about how the scriptures teach us how and when to pray.  We acted out the story of Enos, in The Book of Mormon, going into the woods to hunt, and pray.  Here is the forest.
 And here is our little Enos hunting before he begins praying for the Lord's forgiveness and blessings.  Cute little hunter, isn't he?  :)
 Since reading and writing are part of communication, and we can read the scriptures to learn more about prayer, we practiced some writing in our cornmeal box.  This is a fun way for little ones to practice without a pen and paper, and Bitsy really loved it.
 Manly is still a little to try and form letters, so he used our sandpaper letters to trace them.  He's spent a lot of time tracing letters he sees on paper lately, and really enjoyed the change in texture.
 He also decided he wanted to practice his letters by putting this alphabet puzzle together.  I guess it was a puzzle kind of week, because Bitsy and Manly both got out several puzzles all on their own.
 Since Daddy had the day off for Veteran's Day we went to "live at the Temple" as Bitsy calls it.  There are apartments at the Los Angeles Temple that can be rented overnight for those who will be attending the Temple.  (You can read more about Temples here.)
 They enjoyed looking at the beautiful statues, and as we walked back to the apartment Bitsy turned and said to me, "Mommy, I love the temple, it's my favorite place in the world."  I love teaching from the Nursery Manual, I think we're all learning so much more!
I didn't get any pictures of it yet, but we also have this color by number picture of prayer, so we can work on numbers for Bitsy, and color recognition for Manly.  There is a lot of detail to it, so Manly will just be coloring it however he would like, and Bitsy will color at least one or two spots the appropriate color.  After she's identified each number she can finish it by number if she wants, but I'm not going to force her to finish it that way.

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