Apple Candle Holders

Last Sunday for our daily book activity we made apple candle holders to use for our Advent wreath.  They were easy to make, and really cute.

To make your own you will need: 
  • Apples
  • Christmas Tree Branches
  • Garden clippers
  • Apple Corer
  • Candles
First, you want to gather as many apples as you want to make into candle holders, and your tree branches.  (I asked the guy at the Christmas tree lot if I could have some of the branches he had sawed off of trees he had sold, and he told me to take as many as I wanted.  I love free!)  Then using your trimmers cut off short pieces of the branch and start inserting them around the apple.  Make sure you leave some space around the top to cut the hole.
Make sure you have a good supervisor, who's concerned about everyone's safety around the clippers.  :)
After you've gotten it as covered and full as you like with the branches, use your apple corer to cut a hole in the center of the apple.
Then insert your candle, and you're done!  We only covered the top half of our apples, because we were going to put them in the center of our advent wreath.
Here's our completed wreath.  The juice from the apples does an amazing job of keeping the needles moist, so they stay nice and green.
The little ones were able to help add branches, as long as the stem wasn't to thin.  In the thin ones either I put them in, or we used the clipper to make a little hole in the apple that they could stick the stem in. 

By way of disclaimer, I did NOT make the wreath, I got it at the store, and decided to put the candles in the middle so I could use it for Advent, since it was a little sparse to put on the door.  It's made a beautiful centerpiece on the dinner table though.

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