Week In Review: Christmas Begins!!!

This week we finished up a few lessons on Thanksgiving before starting into our daily Christmas books.  I LOVE Christmas books, well, okay, I just love books, but Christmas ones just make me so happy I can hardly stand it!

It wasn't all about books though, so here's what happened at our house this week.  

Manly built a "mouse" out of his blocks.  When I asked if he thought the mouse might like some cheese, he shouted, "Oh yes, and I do too!"  He and mousy had a nice little cheese snack, although I hear mousy wasn't very hungry, so Manly helped him finish up.  Waste not, want not, you know!
Based on the vantage point I would say I must have been doing something very important on the computer, like balancing the checkbook, although it's entirely possible I was blogging :), when my children decided to entertain themselves by entertaining Lettie.  They got out one of the big storage containers I just purchased to put outgrown clothes into, and took her for rides, round, and round, and round the house.  They all had a blast, and I had a good laugh while I finished up my work.
Later in the week when we read, "My First Story of the First Christmas" by Deanna Draper Buck we made a clay pot Nativity.  There was fabric from my scrap bag, hot glue, scissors, and singing of Christmas carols.  Does a craft project get any better than that?  We used clay pots and drawer pulls from Michael's to make the bodies, and added fabric to the pots and heads.  I know a lot of people like to paint the pots, but my little ones wanted fabric, so that's what we did.  And, in case anyone's getting panicky, NO, I did not let my children use the glue gun, that would be dangerous, and irresponsible, not to mention that it would kill the Christmas spirit, when we had to travel to the ER.  :)
I had carefully places all of our little Nativity people out to get a picture, but while I got the camera Bitsy rearranged them.  It was a better placement for sure!  We made Mary, Joseph, the three Wise men, an angel, and of course baby Jesus.
This was followed by a "costume" change by Bitsy, she put on an old skirt piece she got out of my scrap bag, and lots of dancing to the Christmas music.
On Friday we read "The Polar Express" by Chris Van Allsburg.  As our activity we made our own hot chocolate, from the recipe found here.  (I got the unit as a free promotion two or three years ago, and it's great, but I know that's not helpful if you are looking for a hot chocolate recipe.  Hopefully you can find one on the internet somewhere.  Sorry.)  This made a LOT of hot chocolate...  As in, we could each drink a cup every morning for the next two months, and probably still not run out.  Luckily it's delicious!
Saturday's book was "Grandfather's Christmas Tree" by Thomas Locker, and if you haven't read it, you absolutely should!  It brought tears to my eyes.  Unfortunately the project we worked on is super secret, because it is for some grandparents of some little grandchildren, and the grandparents happen to read my blog.  (Something about wanting to see pictures of their grandchildren, go figure!)  :)  

Since, I can't share our school project, I'll share another project with you.  This is my laundry room floor on "sheets" day.  It usually takes me three loads to wash the sheets for our little family of five. This weekend I was feeling less than enthusiastic about all of that bedding, until I remembered how many times "warm beds" was included in our list of blessings from last month, it really changed my perspective, and made me thankful that I'm able to help provide those warm beds for my family to sleep in.  Gratitude changes everything!                    
Saturday night I had a miserable headache, so I decided to lay down on the couch for a while.  Well, Bitsy came right over and wanted to know what was wrong.  The next thing I knew she had brought out blankets from her room to cover me with, her dolly to help me feel better, and a book so I wouldn't be bored.  (She put the extra pillow over my feet, because she knows how much I hate when my feet are cold.)  Her gentleness, and compassion was so sweet.  That little girl knows what Christmas is all about.
On Sunday we read, "The Forgotten Carols, a Christmas Miracle for Isaac and Eliza" by Michael McClean.  Unlike the original story, the ornaments are placed on a wreath instead of a tree, and since it was the first Sunday of Advent we worked on some apple candle holders for our advent wreath.  I am going to try and put together a tutorial later in the week, but if you're interested in a good article about Advent, check out this one that Erin posted last week, as part of her Finding Christ in Christmas series.
Not all of our activities went exactly as I had planned, but we had a wonderful week of bringing the Spirit of Christmas into our home.  I hope your home is filled with that same spirit in the coming weeks.

bwrightbrizee  – (December 5, 2011 at 11:33 PM)  

Hmmmm - I think that I might resemble that remark!! :-)) I do love the pictures!!!!

Jessie's Little Corner  – (December 7, 2011 at 3:13 PM)  

I may have to call you up and weedle that chocolate recipe out of you.

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