Week In Review: Christmas Books (Part 2)

Sorry I'm so behind, but I'm slowly trying to catch up on my blogging as I continue to nurse my little ones back to health, and keep reading them their new books.  I can honestly say the Christmas book a day has been a HUGE hit, and the little ones are excited every morning to come out and see what the new book is for the day.

So, now that we're almost half way through this week, here's what we did last week.  :)

On Monday we read "The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes" by Deborah Pace Rowley.  This is one of my favorite Christmas books!  We got it last year, and our entire family fell in love with it.  It's the story of a young boy in Germany who has lost faith in miracles as his family has suffered financially while his father has become more and more ill.  Because the story revolves around the family receiving miraculous gifts that sustain their lives, in conjunction with St. Nicholas Day, we always read the story on Dec. 5th.  (St. Nicholas Day is on the 6th.) 

For our book activity we made bread, and then for Family Home Evening we wrapped up the bread, candles, matches, and a set of scriptures, and anonymously dropped them off at the homes of some families we know.  Let me tell you, the children thought it was GREAT to watch daddy ring the doorbell and run!!!  Attached to each of the items is a scripture included in the back of  the "Wooden Shoes" book. 
 We don't do Santa here, but on the night of the 5th our children put out their stockings, and in the morning they are filled with an orange, some chocolate, and a few handmade gifts from mom and dad.  I'll do another post soon on exactly what we included this year.  :)
 They get pretty excited to open them up, and dig into the orange and candy!
 On Tuesday we read "We Were There" by Eve Bunting.  I really loved this story, about small and seemingly insignificant creatures making their way to the corner of the stable.  It reminded me that no one is unimportant in the eyes of God, and no matter who or where we are we can choose whether or not to make the Savior a priority in our lives.  I know, all that from a children's story book!  :)  For our activity we made candles, to remind us that Christ is the light of the world, and to help light the dark corners so we can see those in need.  Bitsy took this picture of me melting the tissue paper into the candle, and really wanted me to include it, so here's a small step in the process.
 You can find a full tutorial here.  I highly recommend a heat gun, or a larger hair dryer, because all that blowing is really hot after a few minutes!  We made three as Christmas gifts for the grandparents.  (If you're one of the grandparents who hasn't gotten yours, and you're reading this, act surprised when they come!)
We had to run a few errands on Wednesday, so we read "Christmas in the Country" by Cynthia Rylant and Diane Goode but we didn't get to our project until Thursday. 

Thursday was a busy day as we read "Snow Angels" by Angell Randall, and made the recipe for snow angel cookies in the back of the book.  For the life of me though, I couldn't find my angel cookie cutter, so we made trees, gingerbread men, and bears instead.
 By far everyone's favorite part was pouring flour everywhere and playing with the dough and the cookie cutters.  Who needs play dough, when you can just make cookies?!
While we waited for the dough to chill, we worked on our "Christmas in the Country" ornaments.  We did paint swirl ornaments, like these, but  for some reason the paint in some of our ornaments evaporated while they dried.  But, three out of the six turned out okay, and are now hanging on the tree.
 We finished out our week by reading The Donkey's Dream by Barbara Helen Berger, and since the donkey dreamed about carrying a rose on his back, we made tissue paper flowers and hung them in our kitchen to make it more festive.  We made ours with full sheets of tissue paper, like these.
We went to our church Christmas breakfast on Saturday morning, and by the time we did that and got a few errands run, we didn't get to Tomie dePaolo's "The Clown of God".  It is a Five in a Row book, so we have read it before, and it's a great book.

I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season, and enjoying this time to focus on family and the Savior!

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