Week In Review: Christmas Books (Part 3)

Well, I managed to confuse myself quite nicely this week, so if you're following along on with my 25 Books of Christmas list, you'll notice things have changed a little.  The master list I had on paper had two days 12's, and it all went down hill from there.  :)  That's one of the joys of homeschooling, things are always changing!

On Monday we read "Santa Mouse" by Michael Brown and made mozzarella cheese.  We got the recipe for the cheese here from my friend Jamie.  (We also followed her recipe for making ricotta the next day.)  To be perfectly honest, I think my mozzarella curds got to hot while they were cooking, because I ended up with a very ugly tough mess of cheese, but it seems to taste just fine, so...  I don't know, we'll have to try it again some time!  Manly really enjoyed rolling it out though!

Tuesday I had every intention of putting up our white stocking so we could record the tender mercies we received from the Lord every day between then and Christmas.  I even hung the stocking, but that's as far as we got on that new tradition.  I forgot to cut paper up to write things on...maybe we'll start it this week, but if not, we'll just try again next year.  Instead after we read "A Visit from St. Nicholas and Santa Mouse Too!" by Clement C. Mouse we made gingerbread houses for Family Home Evening.
This has become a family tradition.  We usually make ours from a precooked kit, but you should check out this family's amazing gingerbread tradition, complete with gingerbread recipe!  We also decorated little gingerbread men.
After all that hard work it was time for a snack, so we ate our little gingerbread men, and drank some hot cocoa.  Manly loved it, because he loves all things mouse, so he just pretended he was the mouse from the story nibbling on his cookie.  :)
Lettie didn't get to decorate a cookie, but Bitsy showed us that's she getting the true meaning of Christmas, but sharing her beloved cookie with her little sister.  It was a pretty precious moment.
On Wednesday we read one of my favorite books, "Humphrey's First Christmas" by Carol Heyer.  At the beginning I'm always laughing about the goofy camel's antics, but by the end, I'm always in tears.  You should definitely read it!  Without giving the story away Humphrey has an attachment to a blanket, that he ends up giving away, so we made fleece blankets to give to a local charity for the homeless that has been collecting blankets.   I cut the strips, but the children have been working really hard to tie them all on their own, and they're pretty excited to give them away!
"A Christmas Dress for Ellen" by Thomas S. Monson was our book for Thursday, and since we were recovering from our little family illness we decided to skip candy making, and make butterfly cookies instead.  Unfortunately there are no pictures, because making them involved lots of mommy involvement, and eating them occurred rapidly.  But you can find my friend Jocelyn's recipe here, and see a picture of these yummy little flakes of sugary buttery yummyness!  (Yup, I made that word up, but they're so good, they deserve their own word.) 

Lettie spent her time kicking back listening to some music on her little radio while the rest of us worked.  :)
 We read a wonderful Christmas counting book on Friday, "The Animals Christmas Eve" by Gale Wiersum.  We were going to practice measurements by making a cake, but instead Manly decided he wanted to play with our Match & Connect Counting Board, so we switched up our plans.  (This is a mommy intensive game, so sorry, but no pictures.)  

Bitsy also had a little tea party for all of us in her room, and she even dressed her dollies herself.  She's quite the little hostess!
On Saturday we skipped the "The Crippled Lamb" by Max Lucado, but we're going to read it in place of "Snowmen at Night" this week.  We'll read "Snowmen" in January when we do our Winter theme.  Instead, we spent the day together as a family, and finished the last of our Christmas shopping.  Yeah, that's a bunch of food.  Instead of getting Grandma and Grandpa Christmas gifts they didn't need, we went and stocked up on some food that we'll be dropping off to the food pantry for Monday's Family Home Evening.
This will be our last week of Christmas books, and I have to say, I'm really going to miss it.  It's been such a fun way to focus on the Savior, and enjoy being together as a family.

bwrightbrizee  – (December 18, 2011 at 10:21 PM)  

Are the pics with the new camera?? So sweet to share her cookie with little sister!! Grandpa loves Manly's grin!!!

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