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Yeah, I know, it's January, but I wanted to post a few of the things we did for Christmas, in case you need inspiration for birthdays, or you want to get a REALLY early head start for next Christmas.  I think I need to get a head start, because I didn't get anywhere close to finishing the projects I wanted to.  

So, here are some of the handmade Christmas gifts from our home this year.

Bitsy had the BEST Primary teacher in the entire Church last year!  This woman, is amazing.  The children were always coloring, painting, playing with play dough, and learning about the Gospel, so we wanted to give her a little gift to say thank you.  (I am secretly hoping that she's going to be Manly's Primary teacher this year.)
 We sorted all of our broken crayons by color into our Christmas muffin tin, and put it in the oven at 250 for about 10 minutes.  Then let them cool, to get these little beauties.
 Bitsy is the hostess with the mostest, and she LOVES to set a fancy table, but sometimes she still gets a little confused on where all the silverware goes, so I made up a set of these place mats for her.  I traced each piece of silverware onto some fabric I had from a tablecloth that had been ruined, and traced the plates onto some old napkins, and voila, place mats at no cost. 

From experience, I highly recommend doing a very narrow, but tall zigzag stitch, to make sure you don't have to go back over it because some of the fabric came up.  :)  I also put a little fabric glue on each piece to keep it in place, since they were a little narrow to pin.  (And, I really hate pinning!)  :)
 Manly had this rug in his room, and the white stripes had gotten stains somehow, that no matter what I tried I couldn't get out.  So, I added a little fabric clue, and a piece of green canvas...
 And made a little road map for him.  I used glue rather than sewing it, because I was running short on time.  If you're going to do this I would recommend using felt instead of flannel (which is what I used) to make sure it doesn't unravel on you once it's played with.  If you do use flannel, make sure you get right up to the sides of the fabric.  I'm going to be getting some more glue in the next few days and doing some touch up work.  Also, if you decide to use glue, I went through two 4oz. bottles of Aileen's permanent fabric glue.
 When we got to grandma and grandpa's we found that grandma had been busy working on a handmade holiday as well.  Each of the little ones got a new pillowcase, and these cute quillows.  It is a flannel blanket with a pocket for the blanket to fold up into to make a pillow.  Or, in Bitsy's case, to put your feet in to keep them warm.  :)  She had even embroidered each of their names on them.
Grandma has also sewn a quilt for each of the grandchildren, and Manly got his for his birthday.  It is the most adorable Eye Spy quilt. 
Each square has a different bright pattern in it, for him to search for special objects.  There are trucks, tools, beach scenes, and animals to name a few.  As soon as we got home he decided to take his comforter off, and put his quilt on his bed.  We've spent time every day finding things all over his quilt.  To say he loves it would be an understatement!
We all got these cute canvas bags as well.  They have our names on them, so there's no confusion about ownership, and there are pockets outside and in.  (I LOVE pockets!)  Mine has already become my Church bag, and Bitsy has decided hers is her "market bag" (she named it) and has taken it with us to every store we've gone to since.  

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and that some of these ideas will help you throughout the year, and as you plan for next Christmas!

Jocelyn Christensen  – (January 9, 2012 at 12:04 PM)  

Ooh all of the gifts turned out great! I love the bag and the road map!! Great job, Mama!

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