Week In Review: I Will...

This week we started back into our normal routine, and got back to our school lessons from our Church Nursery Manual, but I did things a little differently than before we took our break for Christmas school. 

Instead of making each lesson a week long study, I decided to start going through the "I will..." chapters one day at a time.

We never finished "I Will Share" before Thanksgiving, so that's where we started.  We did a little coloring, and a little cutting of the handout that was included in the manual.
Then we added them the individual squares to our cubes, and took turns rolling them.  We sang "Fun to Do" substituting the words from our cubes.  So instead of "singing a song" we would sing "sharing my smiles", "sharing my smiles", etc.  The little ones had a blast, and sang the songs all week long.
Next we moved on to "I Will Say 'I'm Sorry'".  We took turns coming up with stories and examples of times when we needed to say "I'm sorry" and somehow in all of the excitement I forgot to get any pictures.  There was a definite increase of sorrow in our home though!

We finished our lessons with "I Will Obey".  To start I let the little ones pull different items that can protect us out of a bag, and they were very quick to realize that everything in the bag offered protection.  Then I explained how obedience to parents and to the Lord also protects us.  Bitsy and Manly were kind enough to put everything on so you could see how safe they are!  :)
We also played Simon Says for the first time, with some pretty comical results!  Bitsy liked it so much, that she even asked to be Simon, and let me tell you, we were all on our toes then!  It was such a sweet moment to see how she's growing up.
In addition to our manual, I also used "Manners Please" which is a cute little reprinted book on manners from the 40's.  My favorite part of it is the little rhyme at the end of each manner that helps children remember.  Bitsy has close to half of the poems memorized, and repeats them to herself quite often throughout the day when she needs a little reminder.  If we're having trouble with a specific manner, I usually only have to say the first few words of the poem before they correct themselves.  It's a great little book!

Since we were still easing back into our routine, we also took a day to just play, and do things like pop packaging with crayons.  (It's amazing what children will think up all on their own!)
And, of course, we had to have a little food fun, so we made shapes out of our mini quiches, and whoever could identify the shape got to eat it. 
To end our week we took a field trip to the dentist.  :)  Everyone loves a field trip, right?  Bitsy actually loves getting her teeth cleaned, and after our trip so does Manly.  The hygenist was great, she explained about bacteria that live in the plaque, and let the little ones count each others teeth.   They were surprised to find that they had the same number.  It really was a pretty educational experience, and a cavity free one!

Lettie skipped the cleaning, but sure explored everything she could, and afterwords made sure to show us her pearly whites at lunch.
It was a great week of singing, crafting, playing, and learning more about how to be who the Lord wants us to be!

bwrightbrizee  – (January 16, 2012 at 7:34 PM)  

Wish I was there for Simon Says!!! :-))

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