Week In Review: Love

This week we started our lessons on love from the Nursery Manual, to prepare us for our lessons on family next week.  We had a lot of fun this week, and I'm really looking forward to starting our family lessons next week, because we're spending the whole month of February focused on the Family Proclamation.

A few of you have asked me about the coloring pages that the little ones are doing to go along with the lessons.  These pages come directly from the Nursery Manual, and you can download them from the page above by clicking on the download button for the lesson you're interested in.  Let me know if you need any help.

On Monday we had to drop daddy off at the airport, and when we got home it was raining cats and dogs, so we finished up our Rainy Day Bingo cards, but building something together.  Manly and I built a house, with a fence, a garden, a garage, and that tall thick tower is "Uncle Mike's truck".  We may be a little in love with big trucks here!  :)
We also made chocolate chip cookies as part of Bingo, and because we needed a Family Home Evening (FHE) treat.  Lettie took her job of taste testing the chocolate chips very seriously!
And everyone wanted to make sure the batter tasted good before we went through the effort of baking the cookies.  Luckily the dough was good, so it was worth it to bake them. 
Since we were gone to the airport most of the day we had our intended school lesson for FHE and learned that "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me".  I love the excitement of Manly's face.  Isn't it a beautiful thing to know that we are loved by the Father and the Savior?!
On Tuesday we learned that "Christ Showed us how to Love Others," and made dinner for a family at church who's mom was sick and in the hospital.  I hadn't intended to do an application lesson on showing others love, but I was so grateful that the Lord put a plan in place for us to do this.  The children were so excited to follow the Savior's example and show love to others.
 We also had our "Snow Day" on Tuesday.
On Wednesday we learned about how important it is to love the scriptures.  We talked about how much we can learn from the scriptures, and made little puppets and then used them to tell stories from the scriptures.  It was sweet to hear what each of them felt they could learn from Adam and Eve, Moses, and Noah.
I've decided to add in a math activity one afternoon a week, and right now I'm using this super cute "Hickory Dickory Math".  I got it at a teaching convention several years ago, and unfortunately it looks like it's out of print now, but I did see a few used copies available. 
This week we read the story of the Ugly Duckling, and after we cut out our ducks we sorted them by their physical features.  Once they were sorted there was only one left, and it was our beautiful swan.  We counted and checked to see which group had more ducks and which had less.  This was great for a moral lesson on love as well.  We talked about how the other ducks were mean to the ugly duckling because he looked different, but that in reality he was a beautiful swan, and how even though other people may look or act different than we do, they are still beautiful children of God.
On Thursday we learned about how important it is to love others, and did some role playing to practice loving others. 
Friday school was in recess, as we took a trip back to the airport to pick daddy up again.  We had lots of fun looking at airports, and listening to the different languages other people spoke in the International Terminal.  We also learned all about customs officers and airport security, so maybe school wasn't in recess after all.

On Saturday we had some family fun as we moved my orange tree into the front yard.  Manly had a good time digging, and Bitsy had a good time making sure the hole was deep enough for the tree.  We also planted some onions, mint, citronella, and basil, and transplanted some strawberries.
 After all of that hard work we were pretty hungry, so we came inside and had our Chinese New Year feast.  Thanks to our sweet friend Tessy we had table decorations straight from Hong Kong!
We used the recipes from "The Story About Ping" in the Five In A Row cookbook to make egg rolls, fried rice, and egg drop soup.  Since I didn't have enough Lei See envelopes, envelopes for everyone, I picked up boxes of Poki Sticks, and we finished off the meal with some fortune cookies and traditional oranges.   
We spent a lot more time out of our house, and in our car than usual, and honestly there were days when I felt completely exhausted, but I was so grateful the little opportunities that presented themselves all week long to slow down and make some family memories.  It was such a testament to me that the Father is aware of each of us, and that His plan is so marvelous.

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