Last Minute Valentines

A few month's ago I saw these beautiful hearts, on my friend Jocelyn's blog, and I've been biding my time until Valentine's Day so I could make some with my little ones.  And in case you are in need of a last minute craft/decoration for the big day tomorrow, I thought I would share.  (Jocelyn's tutorial is great, I just haven't blogged lately, and needed something simple to ease me back into it.)  :)
First, you want to round up all of those broken peeled crayons your children have scattered around the house.  Then break out a crayon or pencil sharpener, and start taking peelings off of your crayons, and onto your wax paper.  

This may be a moment where you realize you are woefully unprepared to sharpen crayons.  Luckily I found our Princess and Thomas sharpeners from Hong Kong.  (No, seriously, they really came for my children from a friend in Hong Kong at Christmas.)  Thanks Tessy, we would have been totally craft-less without you!!!
It's best to make sure there is plenty of supervision as the crayon shaving takes place.  Luckily I have Lettie to help.  (She totally cracks me up, she saw Bitsy and Manly working on a project so she climbed into her high chair to watch.)
Your hands may be a little messy when you're all done, but at least you'll be happy.
After you've gotten a good pile of shavings spread them out some, and put another piece of wax paper on top.  You'll want to iron the two pieces together using low heat, and making sure to protect your surface with a towel, or something that you don't mind getting some wax on it.  (I decided it would be safest not to take pictures of myself ironing, and since my oldest is only five, I decided it would be safest just to not let little people iron.)  

Then cut out your hearts, let a little person raid your ribbon stash, and hang them up somewhere to make your house more festive.  Happy Valentine's Day!

bwrightbrizee –   – (February 14, 2012 at 6:31 PM)  

They're beautiful!!! Happy Valentines Day!!! :-))

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