Week in Review: Everybody's Got a Body

It's been a while since I did a week in review, and I feel so far behind that I think I'll just do a month in review later in the week, but to start catching up, here's what we did last week.

Chapters 9 and 10 of the Nursery Manual are about the body, so I decided to combine those this week, and spend our time learning about the amazing bodies our Heavenly Father has given us.  

Chapter Nine has a cute activity verse that we did a few times.  The children's favorite lines were, "He gave me ears so I might hear, and eyes that I might see.  He gave me hands so I can clap, two feet that turn around.  And when I want, I touch my toes way down upon the ground."  You can get the whole verse at the Chapter Nine link above.

"He gave me ears so I might hear."
My favorite project of the week was making these bone gloves from Pink and Green Mama.  These are so easy to make!  You just add flour to surgical gloves, and in one add popsicle sticks to the fingers for bones.  The little ones loved squishing the fingers to see which hand had bones and which one didn't.  They also enjoyed making the one that didn't have "bones" flop around.  They also make excellent arm extensions for when you need to tickle someone who is just out of reach.  There was a lot of tickling this week. 

When we driving to the store later in the week Manly all of a sudden said, "I have bones in my neck.  If I didn't, my head would be floppy like the glove."  I love when they make these discoveries on their own!
Do you children dislike having you help them brush their teeth as much as mine do?  Every day I hear, "No mommy, I can do it on my own" and every day I see the front teeth get clean, while the back teeth are ignored.  Since Chapter 10 talks about ways to take care of our bodies, I thought this would be a great time to talk about brushing our teeth, so I asked the little ones to brush for an extra long time.
Then I gave them each a little pink disclosing tablet and asked them to chew on it.  The results were comical!  There was pink everywhere!  They brushed surprisingly well, and the only place that there was pink film on their teeth was in the back.  They really enjoyed seeing where they had missed, and have been a lot more willing to let me help get those back teeth since then.
Of course we brushed again, and got all of the pink plaque off, but their tongues, well, they stayed pink for a few more hours.  I couldn't find disclosing tablets at our local stores, so I called our dentist's office.  Apparently they don't use them much any more so they didn't have any, but they ordered some, and then mailed them to me for free.
Our final project for the week was the little ones favorite!  While Lettie finished her breakfast (read, was secured in a high chair and couldn't rip up the paper) I had Manly and Bitsy lay down on a roll of paper, and traced them with a black marker.  I had intended for them to lay on their backs, but they both just "struck a pose" when they laid down, so we went with it. 
Once they were traced, I put their "bodies" up on the sliding glass door so they could color themselves in.  This has kept them busy off and on for a while now, and I've loved seeing their creativity shine through.  Obviously you can have them color wherever, but I know from experience that crayon comes off of glass easier than other surfaces, particularly walls.  It also happens that the sliding glass doors are in the kitchen, and this is a great project while mom is cooking, but where I am still able to supervise.
We've also read through our Usborne "Your Body" book, and watched The Magic School Bus "Human Body" DVD.  We are all a little more grateful for the gift of a body our Father in Heaven has given us, and definitely more in awe of how amazing it is

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