A Pretty Pink Bright Spot

On Tuesday as I attempted my first day without adult back up after our very ugly battle with illness, I was still a little disoriented from fatigue, and I was no where near pleasant to get along with, so when the FedEx guy slammed a box on my front step, and rang the doorbell before doing the 10 yard dash to get back to his truck before I even made it to the door, I was a little grumpy, to put it mildly...  Imagine my pleasant surprise when I opened the door, and saw this cute little pink box sitting on my doorstep.

Since the first pink box made me so happy, imagine my excitement to open it, and find another pink box.  (Remember, I had been surrounded by sickness for almost a week, it didn't take much more than a pretty pink box to make me happy.)  :)
And then, imagine my sheer delight to open this pink box of sunshine to find these AMAZING cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake.   Never heard of them?  Neither had I, but I tell you, there is a reason these ladies and their pink boxes have a TV show.  They know how to make some cupcakes!!!
Can you see the pretty silver shimmer on the shamrocks?  The detail was incredible, and the taste, oh my...!
They were so pretty I almost had trouble eating one...almost.  :)
 Bitsy had no troubles eating them at all.
And Manly loved wearing them, as well as eating them.
Apparently they freeze well, so we put one for each of us into the freezer until our St. Patrick's day celebration next weekend, which should save us some stomach aches from eating them all at once!

And in case, you're wondering where they came from, we wondered the same thing, since there was no note included.  We called Georgetown Cupcake and asked them who our generous benefactor was, and they confirmed mommy's suspicions that if it's extraordinary, unexpected, delicious, and doesn't have a card, I should just speed dial my dad to say thanks!  

After a week of fevers, illness, and discouragement, it was nice to find some joy in one of the "little things" in life.  Thanks for the cupcakes dad, but more importantly, thanks for the reminder of one of life's most important lessons.  I've got three little ones, and lots of other little things to be thankful for!

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