In the Kitchen With Little Ones

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to cook together.  Even little Lettie likes to get in on the taste testing!  There are so many children's cookbooks around, but as we all know, I am frugal.  So what's a frugal mom to do?  Why make her own children's cookbook of course, and for free.... Well almost.

To make our cookbook, I got a 1/2" three ring notebook, and had the little ones help add stickers to a cover page.  (They're cute little bears cooking.)  It's not terribly fancy, but it does the job, and my children love the bright orange!
Then we just started collecting recipes.  Many of our recipes are the monthly Kitchen Crafts from The Friend.  While we usually just take the recipe right out of our magazine and put it in a page protector, there are over 70 recipes on the site that you can print off and add in.  There is a series of international recipes from a few years ago that we love, and use in our geography studies.  
We also cut out recipes from My Big Backyard, Wild Animal Babies, Highlight High 5, Family Fun, basically any place where they have good children's recipes.  If the recipe isn't a full page, then I mount it to a piece of white paper before slipping it into a page protector in our cookbook.

So for the cost of a notebook and some page protectors we keep our recipes from our favorite magazines all together, and when the little ones want to cook they just grab their cookbook and pick out a recipe!

I'll be taking a little blogging break this week to attend to some family things, but I'll be back next week with the final recap of our Easter activities, and the fun we're having this week!

Anonymous –   – (April 13, 2012 at 12:49 PM)  

Good Morning! I am FINALLY making the rounds to read and comment. {better late than never}

Loved your muffin tin Spiritual Food. Its so nice to read and catch up and I REALLY hope that you are savoring the family time!!!

It's raining here today with snow on the way. I hope we get some snow that the girls can play in.

Julie@teachinggoodeaters  – (April 19, 2012 at 10:00 PM)  

This is such a good idea- I have a binder with my recipes, but never thought to get the kids involved in making one of their own-- Love it!

Mackenzie  – (April 21, 2012 at 9:10 AM)  

Thanks for sharing last week! You've been featured this week on Saturday Show & Tell! :)

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