Happy Mother's Day

I want to share this little Mother's Day gift with you!  I just love this video, and I'm so grateful for Kelly's post yesterday reminding us of all we can learn from Mother Mary.  

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks guest posts as much as I have.  These women, and so many others have touched and blessed my life, and I love them for it!!

I want to end this week with some thoughts that my wonderful father in-law shared with me on Friday.  He emailed me the following:

"I was going through your blog today and reread your super mom section.

All Moms are Super.
My mom when back to school when her youngest was 4.  (She was the mother of 10!)  She then taught school,cooked, helped with homework, cleaned house, washed, did her numerous church jobs, cared for an acre garden, and canned. 

Anyway, YOU are doing what MOMS have done since EVE.  There are rewards like when your children give you a hug or kiss.  The small flashes of brilliance; the exuberant excitement of new skills and knowledge.  The years of dirty diapers, dirty dishes, dirty house, and dirty kids will fade with time.

KNOW that you are loved and understood.  This will turn out alright."
Wherever you're at on the motherhood journey, remember, you're super, your loved, your Father understands, and it's all going to turn out alright.  Happy Mother's Day moms! 

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