Lessons From the Tree House

Everyone loves a tree house, right?  You can play, explore, hide out, and let your imagination run wild in a tree house, but can you learn anything from a tree house?

After reading through Carol Alexander's "Lessons From the Tree House" my answer is a resounding, "Yes!"  About a week ago I came across Carol's website, Lessons from the Homestead, and I immediately fell in love.  I love using real life experiences to teach my children, but sometimes seeing just how much they can learn from those daily experiences is difficult, so I was thrilled to see that Carol's desire was to show others just how much they can learn from daily life. You can imagine then my excitement when I read that she was looking for people to review her newest booklet in the series, "Lessons From the Tree House."  I emailed her immediately, and I am so glad she gave me the opportunity to share her booklet with you!

Once I got my copy of the lesson plans I immediately printed them off, but before I had a chance to read them my husband picked them up and started....  and he wouldn't give them back until he was done.  As he read, I heard things like, "Oh yes, that's a really good idea" and, "That's really clever."  Later as I was reading the lessons and he was working on his laptop I looked over to see that he was pulling up tree house images on the internet.

Once I was finished reading through the lessons I wanted to start building a tree house too!  

So what got us so excited?  The booklet is divided into the three stages of the building project: The Design Stage, The Building Stage, and The Enjoyment Stage, and each section is full of different learning ideas that will include the entire family.  For example, in The Design Stage older children can learn to draw plans and take measurements, while younger children can help assemble materials and count mails and boards.  In The Building Stage why not take a family field trip to the hardware store and learn to identify different tools.  During The Enjoyment Stage read Luke 19 and learn about Zacchaeus.  (I LOVE using a tree house to teach about scripture, and never would have thought of that, but Carol did, several times!)  There are over 50 different learning activities included in the plans.

In addition to the lessons there are also great links to articles and books that will help with enhance your learning (I do love literature based learning), great pictures, and adorable quotes from children on the importance of tree houses.

I'm so grateful Carol gave me the opportunity to see how much our family can learn from building a tree house, and if you're like us and don't have tree in your yard, don't worry, there are plenty of ideas out there for indoor tree houses.  I know, my husband and I found them!

If you want to learn more about Carol and her lessons, drop by Lessons from the Homestead, I think you'll be glad you did!

I also received a copy of "Lessons From the Seed Catalog" and "Lessons From the Hen House."  Obviously we don't have chickens, but I will still be using many of the lessons with my little ones in the coming months, and we're going to be pulling the seed catalogs back out too.  You don't have to live on a homestead to benefit from these great lessons.

Disclaimer: I was provided all three e-books in exchange for my review of Lessons From the Tree House.  All opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own, and I truly LOVE Carol's books!

Carol J. Alexander  – (May 4, 2012 at 8:14 AM)  

Thank you Abby for such a wonderful review. You make me want to buy a copy ;).

Abby  – (May 5, 2012 at 11:53 PM)  

Thank YOU Carol, I was so inspired by your books!

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