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Last Friday was a red letter day for our family, and I've been thinking about how to write about it ever since.  This morning when I read my friend Tamara's "My Other Half Moments" post I knew just how to do it.  For safety and security reasons I don't write much about my husband on my blog, but today I want to pay tribute to my my best friend.  He works so hard to provide for our family and to make us all happy, and last week he, well, I'll just tell you the story...   

My children were happily playing in their wading pool, and nothing I had done all day had gotten them out; until the mailman came.  When I casually went outside and told the little ones that we had gotten a package from daddy I was nearly run over as everyone tried to be the first to get inside!  (Since they were all wet I wouldn't let them inside, but I did bring the box onto the deck for them to get into, or should I say rip into?!)

The entire contents of the box was emptied in under thirty seconds, and within five minutes I was getting pleas from little ones to take their pictures to send to daddy.  I don't think they were happy at all about their gifts, do you?  :)  I love these precious smiles!
Bitsy received this BEAUTIFUL apron from Korea, and I kid you not has worn it every day but Sunday since.  When we were in Costco the other day the bagger asked why her apron was so colorful, and she looked at him and with a little disgust in her voice said, "Because my daddy sent it to me from Korea, and it's beautiful."  He didn't ask anymore questions.
Manly decided he didn't need to swim anymore, and that he should get ready for bed so he could wear his new silk jammies.  His favorite part about them?  "Daddy sent me jammies with gold dragons on them!!!  I have dragon jammies, mommy!"  I'm pretty sure they'll be able to stand up and walk on their own before he's going to let me wash them. 
Seriously Lettie's little smile cracks me up!  She sees the camera and she gets that silly grin.
And lest you think Lettie and I were left out, Lettie received that cute little pink silk change purse she has a death grip on, and I received a gorgeous purple bathrobe.  Lettie's been putting her treasures in the purse ever since, and when her hands are to full to carry it, she carries it between her teeth.  

When we start back into our normal school routine in a few weeks we'll be beginning by studying Asia, so daddy's gifts were not only beautiful but a great inspiration for our studies.  I am so grateful that even though he's so far away he still encourages us in our schooling!

Speaking of schooling, there was one final gift...  At the bottom of the box the little ones found a book and a DVD.  They were THRILLED to get a new book and immediately wanted me to read it to them.  I suggested that we watch the movie first, and they reluctantly agreed.  (They LOVE to read!)  
Pardon the diapers, it was laundry day and some things, like daddy videos, can't wait for a clean room!
They decided they had made the right choice when the movie came on and it was daddy reading them the book he had sent!  We were blessed to receive the book and video through the fabulous United Through Reading program.  This amazing program donates books and recording equipment to deployed service members so they can read books and send them home to their children, helping to keep families connected.  Bitsy and Manly love to curl up and have daddy read them a book, so we are all extremely grateful for United Through Reading for giving us the next best thing. 

I have been in a school and blogging slump for the last two months, but this package has gotten me motivated to get back on track.  I am so blessed to have a husband who works so hard to support me even when he is thousands of miles away, and who goes out of his way to make sure his children know he loves and supports them even if he can't be right here with them.  I wish I had the words to express how much I love, appreciate, and admire this man!  He truly is my other half.

We love you daddy, be safe, and hurry home!!!

P.S.  This is my second post this week on my poor neglected blog...  I think I'm finally feeling more positive and ready to start sharing again!  Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive while I've taken a little break.

Anonymous –   – (August 8, 2012 at 4:29 AM)  

thanks for sharing.

Michelle  – (August 8, 2012 at 8:46 AM)  

I've never heard of the expression red letter day before this, but I agree! Sounds like a very special day indeed! ♥

Anonymous –   – (August 9, 2012 at 1:15 AM)  

Awww! Precious "other half moment" to be shared by all! It's wonderful that your husband can read them a book through a video.

Continuing to pray for your strength.

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